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Today, we are going to take a closer look at the NON-COMMvention 2022 in Philadelphia, PA for an example of an educational event that made complex ticket options simple to understand.

Customer Snapshot

  • Years Hosting the Event: 20
  • Stations Attending: 60
  • Headlining Performer: Father John Misty

Tickets and Ticket Groups

The NON-COMMvention page actually sells tickets for two events, including:

  • NON-COMMvention, with options for:
    • Radio Station Attendees
    • Additional Attendees from the Same Radio Station
    • Music/Media Industry Attendees
  • The Public Radio Music Summit that precedes the NON-COMMvention

Ticket purchasers can purchase a ticket for just the NON-COMMvention, just the Public Radio Music Summit, or both together. An additional “Listener Pass” ticket option is available for WXPN members to attend only the music performances and Music Meeting. Additionally, there was a price increase on March 27th for NON-COMMvention tickets. It may sound complicated, but it looks pretty simple.

NON-COMMvention accomplished this clean look by setting up four Ticket Groups:

  • NON-COMMV + Public Radio Music Summit
  • Public Radio Music Summit
  • WXPN Member

Once someone selects “Register” on one of the options above, they are taken to a second screen to select the right Ticket and the number of registrations. For example, clicking “Register” on the Combined Registration option takes them to:

The NON-COMMvention makes it easy for registrants to make the right choice on the website by utilizing the Display Options for ticket groups. These are accessed by navigating to Tickets >> Ticket Groups and then selecting the Display Options from the drop-down arrow.

Within the Event Display Options, they customized the description of each ticket group, and utilized the Event Tile Highlight to create the callout on the top of the Combined Ticket.

Note: confused about the word “Register/Registration” on this page? While the event uses our Ticketing platform (not our registration platform) due to the functionality of ticket groups and tickets, they recognize that people expect to “register” for a convention, not buy tickets. They customized the language on the website and buttons by navigating to Website >> Event Theme >> Custom Wording:

Information Collection and Password Protection

The NON-COMMvention requires a little more details about each attendee than an event like a beer festival might. They use Questions (Event >> Questions) to collect information about the organization of the ticket purchaser and ticket holders.

Some questions, like the name of the organization, were only required by the Ticket Purchaser, while questions like name and shirt size were required for each Ticket Holder.

Within the purchase path, you can see how questions are asked for each ticket holder:

One ticket group, the WXPN Member ticket group, requires a password that was only given to eligible members. This, too, was setup in Questions, by requiring Validation that only allows the purchaser to proceed if they enter the correct password (changed for the screenshot below). The password question is then required for all purchasers of the WXPN Member ticket group.

Website Builder

The NON-COMMvention has put significant care into ensuring that the information on their event website is clear and understandable, from customizing the wording to utilizing the display options on the event tiles. Website Builder is yet another tool they capitalized on to ensure that their attendees can find relevant event information with the click of a button.

Under Website >> Website Builder they added multiple pages to their website to expand on the information found on the info page.

Each new page is customized with a rich text editor allowing the event to organize their information on the page.

You can see the results of their work with the website builder on the event info page, where it’s intuitive and easy for attendees to navigate to more information about the event.


With TicketSignup, the NON-COMMvention has managed to make complex registration options feel simple, while providing a website with comprehensive information. We can’t wait to see their event come to fruition later this spring!

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