Key Features For Free Email…

Email Builder

Design emails quickly and easily with our simple drag and trop tool

Create professional and beautiful layouts

Branded Content

Brand your emails with your logo and color scheme

Match the look & feel of your emails to your websites

Unlimited Contacts

Automated lists of all ticket purchasers, holders, and donors

Upload unlimited custom contact lists with historical data

Dynamic Data

Personalize emails with automated replacement tags for items like “first name”

Add custom replacement tags for any data

Upgrade to Organization Email

Every ticket event comes with free email integrated into your dashboard, but TicketSignup also takes free email a step further. Create your own Organization Email to build a year-round email strategy that automatically provides access to attendee and donor lists from all your events. Organization email is perfect for newsletters, event launch announcements, and cross-selling your events. Learn more about Organization Email!

A Better Email Strategy

Instigate FOMO

With fully customizable templates, you can stock your emails with fun and engaging photos that would make anyone scared to miss out on the fun.

Prompt Action

Encourage immediate action with prominent, easy-to-add action buttons for everything from ticket purchasing to donating to ticket management.

Create a Connection

Personalize your emails with standard data replacement tags (like name) and custom tags that speak to their history with your organization (like number of years attending or total donations in the last 5 years).

Optimize Sending

Utilize built-in statistics and reporting to better understand the performance of your emails – and improve your email strategy.

More Key Features…

Email Capture Popup

Grow your email marketing lists for free with a customizable email capture popup that allows potential attendees to sign up to receive your event emails, newsletters, and more.

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Customize Sender Name

Customize the sender name for automated ticket notifications to make it easier for your attendees to identify your emails and find their key ticket notifications like Tickets Purchased or Donations Made.

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Manage Unsubscribes

Keep your email lists clean (and your read rates high) with automatically managed unsubscribes and two types of email sends – Marketing and Transactional – to separate marketing from important event details

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Customer Spotlight

Special Event Management, Inc

From shutdown to sellout, the switch to TicketSignup led to a community festival’s first sellout ticket event. Learn how they took advantage of purpose-built technology to increase efficiency, work better with nonprofits, and support their marketing team.

  • 110%  Increase in Ticket Sales

  • 227% Increase in Revenue

  • 18% Increase in Email Open Rate

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Image Group Component for Email Marketing

There is a new component for Email Marketing that allows you to feature a set of images in a group. You can choose the number of images in a row, add hyperlinks, and a heading. This is perfect for featuring your sponsors…

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Enterprise Email Deliverability

Following up on our recent introduction of Deduplication Options for Email v2, we wanted to go behind the scenes to explain how our email delivery system is being further optimized.  Enterprise level email delivery is much harder than it may appear.  Like…

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Deduplication Options for Email Marketing

There are now 3 deduplication options for Email Marketing: Email, Name, and Placeholders: Emails will send to every contact with a unique email, name, and placeholders. This is the default deduplication setting for ticket events. In most cases this is not important…

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After The Sale: Automated Marketing and Communications

Woohoo! You’ve sold a ticket. But before you get too complacent: communications after ticket sales are key if you want to grow your event and cultivate more informed participants. We have a few key ways you can automate your communications to ensure…

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Eventbrite Charges Events for Email

In Eventbrite’s efforts to help them promote themselves more than their customers, they now want to open up a revenue stream from not only advertising, but providing the basic tools like email that events need to be successful. So they now charge…

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Disable Email Header

There is now an option to disable the header in TicketSignup’s email marketing. While we recommend including the default Sign Up button in your marketing communications, your event may not want a heading for emails to ticket purchasers regarding event communications, like…

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More Attendee Email Recipient Lists

Advanced tickets can now email specific tickets within a group or date from TicketSignup’s free email marketing. For example, email the VIP ticket holders for Saturday or email the 8pm time slot on Thursday. This is helpful to send more targeted communications…

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Introducing Automated Emails for Ticket Events

We are excited to announce Automated Emails for Ticket Events with the release of the Ticket Purchase Followup automated email. This email can be enabled to automatically send to ticket purchasers a set number of hours or days after they have purchased…

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The True Value of Free Email

We released our next generation free Email on all event dashboards earlier this year, with an additional option for organizations to set up an additional email account that reaches across all their events. Like all our products, email is free to use….

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Cross-Promoting Your Events (with Other Events)

If your organization hosts multiple events throughout the year, you need an integrated cross-promotion strategy that helps you capitalize range of participants and attendees. This five-step process will help you harness the power of your events to promote other events. Make Your…

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Hyperlink Images in Email Builder

You can now add URLs to images in the Email Builder, enabling you to redirect email recipients to a website. This gives you additional ways beyond call to action buttons and hyperlinks to link to website content from your TicketSignup emails for…

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No Ads, No Spam, Non-Exclusive Contract

One of the core tenants of our business (all the way back to 2010) has been that we want your event listings to be about your event and will never take your attendee data to market someone else’s event. We focus on…

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