Key Features for Websites…

Branded for You

From your logo to custom color schemes to featured images that represent your event, every website can be easily updated to match your branding (not ours). Then, take it to the next level with your own custom domain or subdomain.

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Unlimited Pages

It’s not just a purchasing page – it’s a full website that you can build out with key event details and more information about your organization. TicketSignup’s Website Builder makes it simple to add pages, move content, and create dynamic menus with submenu items.

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Beautiful Cover Pages

Create a professional homepage with full-sized header image sliders, video components, and flexible content blocks. All the content is yours – no ads for other events, ever. You’ll never know it’s a website template in a box! 

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Dynamic Data

Never forget to update your website again. With dynamic data from your event, price increases are automatically shown and the remaining ticket count is always accurate. Add donation thermometers, countdown clocks, social media links, and more!

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How Website Builder Makes Building Your Website Simple

It’s not just about free (although we’re excited about that, too). What sets TicketSignup websites apart is the ease of building a full event website (not just a registration page). The secret sauce is our Website Builder, which lets you add new pages, re-organize menus, design content on each page, and insert dynamic content right from your event dashboard.

Your Event. Your Brand.

Create a Beautiful Cover Page

  • Your logo and your colors (not ours)
  • Inspire FOMO with beautiful photos
  • Include dynamic data elements
  • Allow ticket purchasing directly from the homepage

Add Unlimited Content & Pages

  • Organize your information into menus and submenus
  • Rearrange pages with the intuitive Website Builder
  • Include an FAQ and event info
  • Easily integrate videos, images and dynamic components like maps into your

Setup an Organization Website

  • Make it easy to find all your ticket and registration events with a free website for your organization
  • Pull in dynamic information from across your organization
  • Save money; no coding needed

Leverage Integrated Analytics

  • TicketInsights tracks the source of every click and purchase on your event website with easy-to-understand analytics right on your dashboard
  • Drill into additional analytics, including Tickets Sold, Heat Map, and Referrals
  • Use our integrations with Google Analytics 4, Facebook Conversion API, TikTok Pixel, and more

More Features to Create a Dynamic Website…

Photos & Slideshows

Create FOMO with your own beautiful images from your event, and take it a step further with interactive photo slideshows.

Videos & Playlists

Bring your event to life by embedding videos and curated playlists on both Apple Music and Spotify.

Contact Forms

Make it easy for attendees (or prospective attendees) to reach you with contact forms directly on your event website.

Ticket Lookup

Reduce customer support with a Ticket Lookup option on your website, allowing forgetful attendees to easily locate their information.

Upgrade to an Organization Website

Every ticket event comes with free event website that can be built from your TicketSignup event dashboard, but your access to free websites doesn’t stop there. Create your own Organization Website to create a central hub for all your events – Organization Websites are perfect organization information, building your brand, and cross-selling your events. Learn more about Organization Websites!

A Few of Our Favorite Event Websites…

Customer Spotlight

Taste the Town

Taste the Town created a unique ticket event to support local restaurants, build community, and raise money for a nonprofit partner – and they exceeded their goals.

  • $3,927 Earned for Each Restaurant

  • Tripled Donation Goal of $2,000

  • 61% of Transactions Included Donations

The Latest Blogs on Free Websites

Create a Newsletter Archive 

Newsletters are a great way to disseminate information and engage an audience. It’s a main channel of choice for us to update folks about new feature releases and other things happening at the company. They’re also valuable for festivals and events companies…

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Haunted Stage Stop

About Haunted Stage Stop Haunted Stage Stop is a production of Spookygrass, a Haunted House production company out of Colorado. As a haunt company without a dedicated building, Spookygrass has operated in three different locations over the last four years. In 2023,…

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New Website Builder Layout Features!

Our free website builder is an important feature for designing, building, and maintaining your event website. Our goal is to provide a tool that is easy to use and has the features and options you need to customize your website to fit…

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Leaderboard Display Options

One of the creative ways that customers use TicketSignup is hosting voting contest fundraisers. We’ve added more leaderboard display options so that voting contests can have flexible and customized website layouts. To add and customize a leaderboard display for a voting contest…

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Custom Meta Descriptions for Ticket Websites

Events can now add custom meta descriptions to each page of their free event website. Meta descriptions summarize a page’s content to display in search results. Relevant page summaries make your links more clickable to people searching for something. While meta descriptions…

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Short URLs for Ticket Events

You can now add short URLs for Ticket Events. Every ticket event set up on TicketSignup gets a free website with a default URL. For example, You can now add up to 5 short URLs that remove “TicketEvent” from the URL….

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Countdown Clock Component for Website Builder

We’ve added a new countdown clock component that you can add anywhere on your website with TicketSignup’s easy-to-use Website Builder. Countdown clocks are dynamic and can be used to incentivize action – like buying tickets! The countdown clock is flexible, and can be…

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Map Component for Website Builder

We’ve added a new map component that you can add anywhere on your website with TicketSignup’s easy-to-use Website Builder. The map automatically displays the location of your event. Navigate to Website >> Website Builder. Click Add a Component to any section or…

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Custom Favicons for Ticket Websites

A favicon is the small logo that appears on the tabs of browsers, helping users differentiate between open tabs. It also serves as an additional branding opportunity for the website. By default, TicketSignup websites pull in the TicketSignup logo. Custom favicons are…

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Click to Text Social Share

We are introducing a powerful new social share option: Click to Text. This is automatically available across ticket websites, as well as the confirmation page when someone buys tickets. This incentivizes participants to share (and promote their referral codes) via text immediately after…

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Map Component Added to Website Builder

You can now add a map that displays your event’s location to any page or section on your event website. The map pulls in the address of your event’s location. If you need to update the location, you can do so by…

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Custom Source Tracking Codes for TicketInsights

Ticket events can get even more data and analytics from TicketInsights with the release of Source Tracking Codes for ticket events. TicketInsights automatically tracks the page views, tickets sold, and transaction $s from referring websites and emails sent from TicketSignup’s free Email…

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