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No Subscriptions. No Plans. No Monthly Fees!

We only make money from processing fees. We keep our fees low by having a self-serve and easy-to-use platform. Processing fees can be paid by your attendees, absorbed by your organization, or split 50/50. Ticket purchasers can save even more when purchasing as a family or a group. Our processing fees are charged per cart total — not per ticket or registration.

When your event is free, so is the processing fee. There are no processing fees for free events. Free is free.

Slide to See Your Processing Fee

Event price Per Participant
Participants Per Transaction
Cart Total*
* The cart total determines the rate of the processing fee. See chart below for more details.
Processing Fee Per Participant

$ 2.00

Includes platform and credit card fees.

Pricing Chart

Cart Total Processing Fee
$0.01 – $249.99 6% + $1
$250 – $999.99 5% + $1
$1,000+ 4% + $1

Our easy-to-use, subscription-free platform saves you money

We’re more than just ticket sales (for free)

Yes, we provide technology to help you sell tickets, but the value of the TicketSignup platform is more than that. Every customer gets free websites, free email, free built-in marketing tools, a free Event Day app, a free photo platform, automated sales tax management, chargeback management, and more. No upselling and no limits.

No subscriptions, no monthly fees, no long-term contracts

Our only revenue is from processing fees, meaning you’ll never pay a subscription or monthly fee. And because we only want happy customers, there are no long-term contracts – you’re free to use our technology for an event with no commitment.

Low fees

Despite our robust set of features, we keep our fees low with an easy-to-use self-serve platform. This helps keep your costs down, and comes with another benefit: you have full control over every aspect of your event.

Families and Groups Save More

Our processing fees are per cart total, not per ticket. This means families and groups who purchase together save money – a real benefit if you’re using pricing strategies to encourage bulk ticket purchases!

Free events are free

No cost to the event? No processing fee. Free is free (for once).

Pricing FAQ

Have questions about the pricing above? We have some answers.

Really? There are no other charges?
Can I pass the processing fee onto my participants?
What about donations?
Can I opt to ADD to processing fees?

Payments FAQ

It’s not just about the prices on our end, of course. We have answers about when and how we’ll get the money to you.

What are my options when setting up a Payment Account?
Schedule for Payments

Why you can trust TicketSignup:

We’ve been doing this for more than 10 years.
We are PCI Level 1 Compliant and prioritize secure transaction processing.
Our infrastructure is secure, redundant, and decentralized
We’re advocates of data privacy

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