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EventDay CheckIn

The TicketSignup Tickets App is your key to a seamless event day. Allow your volunteers or staff to check in attendees in an instant with a QR scan or name search, and get attendees in the door in no time.

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Square Purchases

Maximize ticket sales with on-site sales right from the Tickets App via our integration with Square. With ticket caps recognized, you can sell every ticket you have (and none that you don’t).

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Event Photos

Extend your Event Day with EventDay Photos right on your event website. All photos can be downloaded and shared by attendees, providing you with post-event free marketing!

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Download the TicketSignup Tickets App

Whether you want the TicketSignup App for CheckIn or on-site purchase through Square (or both), it’s free to download and use.

A Better EventDay Experience

Keep Ticket Sales Open

Encourage continued ticket purchases by leaving ticket sales open online until the event begins – and add signage to suggest purchasing from the parking lot.

  • QR codes are automatically created to help you drive potential attendees to your website or purchase path
  • Quick Text provides another option for potential attendees to link directly to your purchase path
  • The Tickets App syncs with TicketSignup data continuously – so the parking lot purchaser will show in the CheckIn process by the time they get to the door

Sell Tickets at the Door

Enable the Square integration on the TicketSignup Tickets App to allow ticket sales on-site, in seconds.

  • Allow credit card payments through Square or indicate cash payments
  • Automatically connects to your ticket caps set in TicketSignup to ensure you never over-sell your capacity
  • Sales tax reports to accurately and easily remit sales tax for point of sale ticket purchases

CheckIn Attendees in Seconds

Eliminate lines and improve the CheckIn process for your staff or volunteers with CheckIn through the TicketSignup Tickets App on any iOS or Android device.

  • Check in attendees in seconds with the scan of a ticket QR code or a quick search for the purchaser or ticket holder’s name
  • Configure the app to show store purchases and any custom question responses to ensure your on-site team has all the information they need
  • View CheckIn stats to evaluate the flow of traffic and improve efficiency

Extend EventDay with Photos

Extend the event experience with EventDay photos on your event website. TicketSignup’s free photo platform enables you to create unlimited albus to host unlimited photos and bring your attendees back to your website post-event.

  • Organize event photos into albums (such as by day or event area) to allow attendees to more easily find their photos
  • Upload unlimited photos in unlimited albums
  • Allow attendees to easily download and share images from your event – enabling them to promote your event to their friends and family for free

Event Day Guide

You’ve promoted your event and sold your tickets, and now it’s time for the fun part: Event Day. Providing an event day experience that is stress-free allows your attendees to focus on fun and ensures that they come back year after year (and bring more friends with them!). This guide covers how clear communication, flexible options, a speedy check-in process, and extended post-event celebrations can help you build attendee loyalty and grow your event.

The Latest Blogs on EventDay Technology

Tickets v1.1.21

TicketSignup’s mobile Tickets App for CheckIn and on-site ticket sales makes Event Day easy. We continue to make more improvements to improve the user experience and make Event Day even better for Ticket Events. In the most recent update, the following updates…

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TicketSignup Tickets v1.1.16 Release Notes

These are release notes for the latest updates to the TicketSignup Tickets App on 10/06/2022. 1. Configuration Settings 1a) Implemented “Exact Match Lookup” Configuration Settings The user can now set how quickly (if at all) the system should automatically bring up a…

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TicketSignup Ticket App v1.1.15 Release Notes

The latest Ticket App release gives users the option to check in store items, which we call “Store Fulfillment”. Whether you are using TicketSignup’s store to automatically include drink tickets and haunt attractions, or upsell VIP passes and hayrides, this release enables…

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Webinar Recap: Ticket Event Day- With Point of Sale

Event day is always a busy one with last minute questions, disruptions, or changes from attendees. Here are a few steps you can take to better prepare your attendees for what’s to come, clear up any possible confusion ahead of time, and…

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Rainy Days and Your Multi-Day Event

Whether your event is all-weather or is cancelled in inclement weather, all outdoor events are impacted by the weather. While TicketSignup can’t guarantee you sunshine and rainbows, we can help make your rainy days a little easier to manage. This blog covers…

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Event Day Checklist

Your tickets are sold (or some of them), your venue is setup, and it’s time for event day. We have a thorough Event Day Guide to help you prepare, but if you just need a final checklist to ensure you don’t forget…

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Why You Need Online Ticket Sales

It’s surprisingly common for us to talk to events that are unsure about using our platform – not because we lack features they need, but because they’ve never or rarely sold tickets online. Even today, when many people are always online, many…

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TicketSignup Tickets App: Now with Point of Sale

The TicketSignup Tickets App has always made event day CheckIn a breeze, but this latest release helps event directors streamline a whole new area of operations: point of sale. The the latest release of the Tickets App allows you to sell tickets…

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TicketSignup Tickets App v1.1.12: Release Notes

The big news of this release is the integration with Square for on-site sales. You can read more about how that can change your event day experience here. This blog touches on all the technical updates and bug fixes in the newest…

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Updates to Tickets App for CheckIn

TicketSignup’s mobile Tickets App for CheckIn makes Event Day easy. We continue to make more improvements to improve the user experience and make Event Day even better for Ticket Events. In the most recent update, the following updates and features were released:…

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Webinar Recap: Ticket Event Day

You’ve sold your tickets and event day is fast approaching. Join us to learn how free and easy tools can ensure a flawless experience for your attendees.  Here’s a quick recap of what was covered in this webinar Ticket management options to…

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