Manage Your Farm Events…

TicketSignup enables ticket sales, sure. But we’re also here with free technology to help you manage your farm events from conception to execution.


Make it simple for attendees to buy tickets in minutes with flexible ticket grouping options and an effortless purchase path.

Event Website

Use our intuitive Website Builder to create a professional, branded website for your event. No coding necessary.

Free Email

Upload unlimited custom lists of previous visitors and re-engage your attendees with beautifully designed, personalized, and branded emails. No subscription.

Event Day

Streamline your on-site operations with the TicketSignup Tickets App. Sell more tickets with point of sale through square and check in attendees in an instant.

Key Features for Your Farm Events

Multi-Day and Timed Ticket Options

Make it easy for attendees to find and buy tickets for the day and time of their choice with ticket display options that break down by day and then time, or can be featured on a calendar. Attendees can immediately identify slots that are sold out or in danger of selling out, prompting faster action.

Free Marketing Tools

Save money and time with built-in marketing tools. Every event gets a free event website (all security requirements included) and free email with unlimited contacts and unlimited sends. Beyond that, access free social sharing tools, automated referral rewards programs, and more.

Ticket Management

Easily manage tickets from your event dashboard, including transferring to a different ticket option or time and issuing full or partial refunds. Or, allow attendees to manage their own tickets for free or for a fee – no logins or passwords required! Enabling ticket management reduces customer service, maximizes attendance every day of your event, and keeps visitors coming back.

Mobile App

Eliminate lines and get people into your attraction faster with the seamless, touch-free EventDay Tickets App for mobile devices lets your staff check people in with a QR scan or name search. Still have tickets? The Tickets App integrates with Square to allow you to continue selling at the door!

Pricing Strategies to Maximize Revenue

Turn pricing into a marketing tool with custom pricing options. Drive prompt purchases with time-limited discounts and strategic price increases, encourage family participation with combo tickets, or shift the flow of your attendees by providing incentives for purchasing tickets to less popular days.

More Benefits of TicketSignup for Your Farm Events


Tired of arguing with credit card companies? Leave the chargeback challenges to us so you can focus on providing the best experience to your attendees on-site.

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Ticket Caps

Never oversell your attraction again with flexible options to set caps on individual tickets, ticket groups, and across different tickets.

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Automatically include store items, such as additional drinks or Corn Maze passes with your tickets. Your staff can incrementally check in these items with the Tickets App.

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Track your purchases, segment your attendee data, and dig into detailed financial information with comprehensive reporting.

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Download: Overview of TicketSignup for Farms

Want a quick summary of how TicketSignup technology can support your farm? Download our PDF one-pager and review the highlights.

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