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Latest Blogs on Email Marketing

More Social Media Icons for Email

We’ve added more social media icons that you can include in free emails sent from TicketSignup’s free Email Marketing. In addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter/X, you can also include links to Youtube, LinkedIn, and a website. To include some or all…

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Send Emails from Ticket Reports

We have added a quick Send Email from the Ticket Purchases and Individual Tickets reports to grab all of the emails, build a list and put that list directly to start an email in the email builder. This allows you to filter…

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Default Deduplication Settings

Email V2 default deduplication settings let you set how marketing and transactional emails deduplicate contacts. By default, deduplication settings are set to Email Only for Marketing Emails and to Email, Name, and Placeholders for Transactional Emails. Overview of Deduplication Settings and Email…

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Scheduled Emails

There is now a tab to view all of your scheduled emails. This makes it easy to check the emails your event or organization is sending, with options to cancel, copy, and view scheduled emails. Scheduled emails include all emails that you…

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Email Segmentation with TicketSignup

It’s no secret that we’re big believers in email as a marketing tool. And one of the best things you can do on the email marketing front is start building an email list – we have a whole post on the topic…

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Font Size Options for Email and Websites

You can now edit font size in Emails and on Websites. In addition to headings and paragraph text, you can seamlessly adjust text size with font size options. TicketSignup continues to add features to free Email and free Websites that give your…

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Create a Newsletter Archive 

Newsletters are a great way to disseminate information and engage an audience. It’s a main channel of choice for us to update folks about new feature releases and other things happening at the company. They’re also valuable for festivals and events companies…

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View Emails in Browser

Emails sent from TicketSignup’s free Email Marketing now contain an option to View in Browser. This is another new and exciting Email feature that lets your event seamlessly share sent emails on social media with permanent URLs for email campaigns. Since we…

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Email Should be Free

Email is a crucial part of a modern strategy for marketing your event. In 2022, 13% of transactions on our platform came directly from our email marketing platform. For events with strong email strategies, we’ve seen that as high as 25% of…

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Share Email Templates Across Multiple Events

You can now export Email templates that you create to other ticket events. This makes it highly efficient and easy to share emails across multiple events. Navigate to Email >> Templates >> Your Saved Templates. Click on the dropdown of any Email…

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