No Witchcraft Necessary…

Everything you need for your Halloween events is included – no subscriptions, no monthly fees, and no long-term contracts.


Make it simple for attendees to buy tickets in seconds with flexible, calendar-based ticket options and an effortless purchase path.

Event Website

Use our intuitive Website Builder to create a professional, branded website for your event. Zombie photos optional. 

Free Email

Upload unlimited custom lists of Halloween enthusiasts and re-engage your attendees year after year with beautifully designed, personalized, and branded emails.

Event Day

Streamline your on-site operations with the Tickets App. Sell more tickets with point of sale through square and check in attendees in an instant.

Download Your Guide: TicketSignup for Haunts

Want to learn more? Download our PDF guide TicketSignup for Haunts and learn more about to get more out of TicketSignup’s ticketing, marketing, and event day technology. Bonus: catch up on an interview with the Haunted Forest at Panic Point.

Key Features for Your Halloween Events

Flexible Multiday, Timed Entry Setup and Purchase

Easily setup (and start selling) months worth of tours in a few speedy steps.

  • Group your ticket options into logical buckets with displays that make complex options look simple
  • Calendar driven setup and purchase makes it simple to manage and select days and times
  • Track capacity for your haunt on a daily basis or within each individual timeslot.

Ticket Management

Manage tickets from your dashboard or allow visitors to make their own changes.

  • Easily make ticket changes from your dashboard, including transferring to a different ticket option or time and issuing full or partial refunds
  • Allow attendees to manage their own tickets for free or for a fee – no logins or passwords required
  • Enabling ticket management reduces customer service, maximizes attendance every day of your haunt, and keeps your attendees smiling (or screaming)!

Pricing Strategies to Maximize Revenue

Turn pricing into a marketing tool with custom pricing options.

  • Drive prompt purchases with time-limited discounts and strategic price increases
  • Encourage family participation with combo tickets and bulk pricing
  • Shift the flow of your attendees by providing incentives for purchasing tickets to less popular days.

Free Event Day App to Check-In, Sell (and Upsell)

Whether you simply need to check-in pre-purchased tickets, want to continue ticket sales at the door, or want to boost revenue through add-on sales, the free TicketSignup Tickets App can help you streamline Event Day operations.

CheckIn Attendees in Seconds

Eliminate lines and improve the CheckIn process for your staff or volunteers with CheckIn through the TicketSignup Tickets App on any iOS or Android device.

  • Check in attendees in seconds with the scan of a ticket QR code or a quick search for the purchaser or ticket holder’s name
  • Configure the app to show store purchases and any custom question responses to ensure your on-site team has all the information they need
  • View CheckIn stats to evaluate the flow of traffic and improve efficiency

Sell Tickets On Site

Encourage attendees to buy from their own phones or enable the Square integration on the TicketSignup Tickets App to allow ticket sales on-site, in seconds.

  • Use QR codes and signage to drive attendees to purchase tickets on their own phones – and pay the processing fee
  • Allow credit card payments through Square or indicate cash payments
  • Automatically connects to your ticket caps set in TicketSignup to ensure you never over-sell your capacity
  • Sales tax reports to accurately and easily remit sales tax for point of sale ticket purchases

Sell and Redeem Add-on Items

Make more money with add-on purchases, both pre-purchased and purchased on-site.

  • Upsell attendees in advance with merch and add-ons during the purchase path – and an email reminder to add them after the initial purchase
  • Bundle items with specific tickets, such as including 2 drink tickets and a fast pass with your VIP ticket
  • Check-in store items as their redeemed, whether that’s all at once at the gate, or individually throughout the event
  • Coming in 2023: Dynamically assign ticket data to wristbands with QR codes to make it even easier to redeem items (and continue buying) throughout the the event

Attraction CheckIn

  • TicketSignup makes it easy to automatically include transactions with tickets sold – and check-in each attraction as they go through
    • Example: each ticket enables the attendee to go through 5 attractions, one time each
  • View actionable, time-stamped reports to understand when check-ins occurred and adjust operations to optimize your traffic flow
  • Coming in 2023: Dynamically assign ticket data to wristbands with QR codes to make it even easier to check-in attractions throughout the the event

More Benefits of TicketSignup for Your Halloween Events


Tired of arguing with credit card companies? Leave the chargeback challenges to us so you can focus on providing the spookiest experience to your attendees on-site.

Ticket Caps

Never oversell your haunt again with flexible options to set caps on individual tickets, ticket groups, and across different tickets. You control the caps (and any overriding of them), always.

Sales Tax

TicketSignup takes care of all the obligations of calculating, collecting and remitting sales tax for ticket events, taking hours of work (and fear of incorrect calculation) off your plate.


Track your purchases, segment your attendee data, and dig into detailed financial information with comprehensive reporting. There’s a report for every question!

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