How TicketSignup Reduces Chargbacks

All events created on TicketSignup are required to have a waiver and/or refund policy. While the policy can be customized by the customer, TicketSignup makes this easy with a default “no refunds” policy that has helped our team win chargebacks for our customers.

How TicketSignup Fights Your Chargebacks

When an attendee files a chargeback, the notification comes to us, not you. From there, we have a few steps that we take, depending on the circumstances of the chargeback and the policies of the event. 

Reach Out

A surprising number of people simply forgot what they signed up for or didn’t recognize a donation or purchase. In these cases, they are generally quick to reverse the chargeback or re-pay the fee when we contact them.


The Event Director (that’s you) receives an automated notification so you can reach out to the purchaser if appropriate, or you can let us know if you have already refunded the purchaser or you prefer to just accept the chargeback as a refund.


If it makes sense to dispute the chargeback, we send refund policy documentation to the credit card company to demonstrate that the purchaser agreed to a no-refund policy.

All of this happens on the backend, with no action from you. But you can see what’s happening with your chargebacks by navigating to Financial >> Financial Summary and clicking on Adjustments.

When you click into Adjustments, you can see the status of any chargebacks for your event.

Learn More About Managing (and Reducing Chargebacks)

Read up on best practices to reduce your number of chargebacks and increase our chances of success when we fight them.

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