TicketSignup Tickets App: Volunteer Mode for CheckIn

With the return of in-person ticket events, nonprofits need to have the right tools for a touchless event experience. Earlier this month, we made a number of key updates to the Tickets App for CheckIn. TicketSignup is now excited to announce the addition of Volunteer Mode to the Tickets App. Volunteer Mode allows your nonprofit to specify which information (i.e., first name, last name, email) and which tickets (i.e., Friday afternoon) show in each volunteer’s Tickets App on their device. Note that you do not have to use Volunteer Mode settings when using the Tickets App; Volunteer Mode settings allow you to enable advanced permissions for your volunteers.

Key updates to the TicketSignup Tickets App for CheckIn include:

  • Information presets that allow you to enable or hide ticket purchaser and ticket holder information fields and settings in the CheckIn App.
  • Configurations that allow you to display selected tickets and ticket groups.

TicketSignup’s mobile Tickets App for CheckIn is free and easy to use. Volunteers and staff can download the app for free from any iOS or Android device and quickly scan QR codes or search by name to check in your attendees in seconds.

Information Presets

To create a preset, navigate to Settings from the hamburger menu icon on the top-left of your event in the TicketSignup Tickets App (1a). Select the plus button under Presets to create a preset (1b). Then create your preset to customize the information and settings that your volunteers are allowed to view and use while checking attendees into your ticket event (1c):

  • Preset Name: This is a name to allow you to recognize the preset. In the example below (1c), I’ve named the preset “Volunteer.” If you want multiple presets, create names that allow you to distinguish between the presets.
  • Ticket List Display: If enabled, this will hide the ticket group name from the Tickets App. Most events will want to leave this setting off.
  • Info Changes: Right now, the only setting is to allow un-check in. This can be a great setting to enable so that volunteers can easily fix mistakes.
  • Ticket Info View: Enable the information fields that you want to show for each ticket sold to your event. In the example in 1c, only first name and last name will show for each ticket. Note that if your ticket event did not collect information per ticket, these fields will not display in the TicketSignup Tickets App.
  • Ticket Purchase View: Enable the information fields that you want to show for each ticket purchase. Your event may choose to display more information about the ticket purchaser (for example, show their email address).

When you click Save in the top right, you will get a pop-up asking if you would like the preset to be uploaded to the cloud. If you click No, the preset will only be available locally on the device that you created the preset on. If you click Yes, the preset will be available to all devices with CheckIn App access for your ticket event — meaning that you can use the same preset for all volunteers at your event.


To use presets, you’ll need to create a configuration for CheckIn in the Tickets App. You can apply one configuration per device. In the example below, I’ve created a configuration named Friday (2a). This will only show the tickets for Friday, and not any of the tickets purchased for Saturday or Sunday. I’ve also applied the Volunteer preset to show the information and allow the permissions that I set above in 1c. Once I save the configuration, I then need to apply it to the device. Click Select Configuration and choose Friday (2b). If you want to ensure the volunteer does not update any settings, you can lock the Tickets App (2c) so that it only shows the information and permissions you set in the configuration.

Ticket events are back, and TicketSignup’s free and easy-to-use Tickets App for CheckIn helps run a seamless and touch-free event experience. There are more Tickets App updates coming in the next few weeks, including:

  • Display custom questions
  • View summary CheckIn App statistics

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