Copy Ticket Groups

For advanced ticket events, ticket groups can now be copied. This means that events with multiple ticket options (e.g. wine tasting sessions, light festival arrival times) over multiple days can duplicate ticket groups along with their associated tickets. The most relevant related settings will also be brought over during the copy. The ability to copy ticket groups will save event organizers immense time and effort in setting up complex ticket events on TicketSignup. It also helps to keep settings consistent across tickets and ticket groups, reducing the need to remember and process identical configurations.

To start, navigate to Tickets >> Ticket Groups in your event dashboard.

For the group you want to copy, click on the ticket group settings drop down menu and select “Copy Ticket Group.”

On the next screen, you will have the opportunity to review the current settings of the ticket group you are copying and make any changes you’d like to see in the new ticket group. These include group name, group start and end Dates, and pricing periods for all tickets associated with the original ticket group.

After making edits, click the “Save” button to finish creating the new ticket group. 

In addition, these settings will be copied over from the original ticket group to the newly-copied ticket group:

  • Ticket group descriptions
  • Ticket group display options
  • Ticket group information collection settings
  • Ticket group tax donation info
  • Ticket group generic entity included questions
  • Ticket group included store items ( meaning, store items that were available to the original ticket group will also be available to the new one)
  • Ticket level caps
  • Multi ticket caps
  • Ticket group caps
  • Ticket level descriptions
  • Ticket level age restrictions
  • Ticket level transaction limits
  • Ticket level included generic entity questions
  • Ticket level included store items

Reminder: Ticket level refers to the individual tickets that are assigned to a ticket group.

Once the copy is complete, you have the opportunity to edit any of the settings that were carried over to reconfigure your newly-copied ticket group in your dashboard.

Save time and errors by copying Ticket Groups.

Copying ticket groups on TicketSignup makes building complex and multi-day timeslot events much faster and easier. This saves time and frees up energy to focus on other critical event logistical planning. It also promotes consistency across ticket functionality and reduces the potential for errors. We plan to release additional multi-day timeslot functionality in the future.

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