Customer Spotlight: Lake Erie Lights of PA

Lake Erie Lights of PA helps people immerse themselves in history by sharing the stories (and buildings) of three local lighthouses. Most tours run regularly (every 20 minutes) and can accommodate any number of drop-in visitors on-site, but their In-Depth Presque Isle Lighthouse Tours are offered just twice a day and limited to 8 attendees per tour.

Ticket Groups for Multi-Day Entry

The new in-depth tours are available at 11:00am and 2:00pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each week, from June through September. To streamline the buying process, Lake Erie Lights of PA has each month setup as a separate Ticket Group. This means that when potential attendees land on the ticket event website, they have just one easy choice: which month they are planning to attend.

Once a potential attendee clicks into the ticket group of their choice, are they presented with their day and time options.

The best part? With the ability to copy ticket groups, this setup is super simple – just set up one month, copy it, and make a few quick adjustments to dates.

Ticket Caps to Limit Group Size

To limit the size of each tour group, Lake Erie Lights of PA set a ticket cap of 8 for each ticket available.

Because their system for ticket caps is simple (caps are per ticket, without any multi-ticket caps, ticket group gaps, or cross-ticket caps), they are able to take advantage of the simple information display for tickets remaining (under Event >> Purchase Settings >> Settings).

This ensures that each ticket clearly shows how many tickets remain for that option.

Sweet and Simple

While many events need a full website for their event, the Lake Erie Lights of PA already has an extensive website covering all the work they do, including all options to visit, events, educational information, donation opportunities, and more. Rather than re-create the wheel, they built a ticket site that is branded with their logo and imagery, but serves a single purpose: sell tickets!

To keep things simple for ticket purchasers, they also keep the buying process streamlined. Limited information about the purchaser is required, and no information is required for each individual ticket holder (Tickets >> Information Collection >> Edit).


If there’s one clear takeaway from the Presque Isle Lighthouse In-Depth Tours, it’s that multi-day events can still maintain a clean, easy buying process. Rather than allowing options to overwhelm their attendees, the event broke up ticket options into easy-to-understand time ranges, displayed their ticket caps clearly, and ensured a branded-but-simple purchasing process.

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