Email Marketing Updates

Email Marketing continues to get more features to help our customers market their events and communicate with attendees. There are three recent updates:

Send Test Email

You can now send test emails to see how an email will display in your inbox before sending to your recipients. Create and build your email, select a (or multiple) recipient list(s), and add a subject line. Click Review.

This displays a preview of your email, summary recipient information, and options to schedule your email. At the bottom of the email preview there is a Send Test button. When you click it, there is a popup where you can enter the email you’d like to receive the test email.

Note that if you are using data placeholders, these will not be replaced with actual data in a test email. See below as an example. The data placeholders will show the recipients’ personalized data when sent to them.

If you would like to make changes to your email before sending, click the Edit Email button at the top of the page.

Change Text Color

You can now customize the text color of your emails. If you don’t see the color you want in the quick pick, select the paint palette in the bottom right corner and enter the hex code or find the color you would like to use.

More ticket replacement tags

We’ve added two new ticket replacement tags to Email Marketing:

  • Ticket Name
  • Ticket Group Name (this will only show for Advanced Tickets)

You can select from the replacement tag dropdown or start typing after a % in the body of your email. These replacement tags can help customize your emails when you send to a specific ticket type or date.

We continue to add more features to Email Marketing. The next batch of updates that you will see released over the coming weeks will include more fundraiser replacement tags, the option to hyperlink email images, bullet/numbered lists, and more! We also continue to work on other email projects, including:

  • Next-generation automated emails
  • Pre-built content templates with suggested images & text for your key event emails, from announcements and marketing to pre and post-event communications
  • More content blocks, including a spacer

Read more about our Email plans here.

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