Email Capture Popup for Ticket Events

Whether you are a first-time event director or manage many events in a year, emails of potential attendees are one of your most valuable marketing assets. Grow your email marketing lists for free with TicketSignup’s Email Capture Popup. This customizable Email Capture Popup is fully integrated with TicketSignup’s Email Marketing so that you can easily include your new contacts on event emails, newsletters, and more.

Enable the Email Capture Popup

To add the Email Capture popup to your event website, navigate to Email >> Email Capture. Click the toggle to enable. The Email Capture will be automatically populated with default text.

You can easily customize text, including the Title, Description, and Call to Action button. In addition to adding your custom content, there are several other settings you can customize:

  • Email List: We create a custom contact list for all of your Email Capture contacts, making it seamless and easy for you to add an Email Capture to your website!
  • Popup Type: There are two ways to display the Email Capture on your website: as a popup or as a slide in at the bottom left of the website.
  • When to display popup: You can either show the popup after a custom number of seconds or prior to page abandonment.

How to Email and View Email Capture Contacts

When you select Recipients to send an email, you will be able to select the Default Email Capture List.

You can also view and access this list by navigating to Email >> Custom Lists on your Event Dashboard. Search for the Default Email Capture Signups list and click the Edit icon.

This gives you the flexibility to export the list, add additional contacts, or edit existing contacts.

Email Capture Best Practices

Make sure that your popup offers something valuable and relevant to your potential attendees. Use language that’s specificactionable, and human. It’s important to nail the copy on your popup form!

Specific: Specify exactly what a visitor is going to get if they click on your popup. Don’t tell them it’s a discount; tell them it’s a 20% discount on the next event. Don’t encourage them to join your email list; ask if they’d be okay with getting two to three emails on a given topic per week.

Actionable: Let visitors know exactly what you’d like them to do. Instead of “Click Here,” try “Get my free t-shirt,” Craft a compelling call-to-action that will inspire your visitors to take action.

Human: Remind visitors that there’s a real person behind the popup form. Use colloquial language to make your forms friendly. Instead of “Join our email list,” try “Mind if we email you twice a week?” Instead of “Learn more about our event,” try “We’d love to share with you more information about our event periodically.”

What’s Coming Next?

We’ve got a lot more email updates coming your way, including more templates and components to give you even more email design options. The next big update for the Email Capture popup will come later this year when we add automated emails to Ticket Events. This will enable you to automate actions for your email capture list; for example, automate a Welcome email (with a coupon if you’re offering a discount!) X minutes/hours/days after someone signs up via the Email Capture form. We continue to add more ways for our events to grow their Email marketing lists for free to grow their events and donations.

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