Ticket Sales Summary Report

Get a quick snapshot of your ticket sales and revenue with the new Ticket Sales Summary Report. This helpful summary report helps you to track your ticket sales and margins throughout your ticket event.

Accessing the Ticket Sales Summary Report

Go to Reports >> Ticket Sales Summary Report to view the report. The Ticket Sales Summary Report should not be used for financial reconciliation because it does not include all financial details like refunds or additional payments (i.e. transfer fees, additional store items, etc.) after the initial purchase.

The report is summarized by ticket type or (if using advanced tickets) ticket group. It includes the following data:

  • Ticket or Ticket Group: The name of the ticket type or ticket group so that you can easily identify data.
  • No. Sold: This is the total number of tickets sold, including transferred, cancelled, and refunded tickets. The number of active tickets is the current number of active tickets in that ticket type or ticket group.
  • Gross Revenue: Total amount paid for tickets and store items.
  • Total Discounts: This is the discount from coupons. Note that the gross revenue for store items already accounts for discounts, so it is not reported here.
  • Total Processing Fees: This includes the total processing fee (whether paid by the registrant or the event).
  • Net Revenue: Gross Revenue – Discounts – Total Processing fees = Net Revenue. Note that Net Revenue does not account for refunds or additional payments after the initial registration.
  • Net Revenue/Ticket: This is the Net Revenue divided by the number of tickets in that ticket type/ticket group. Note that transferred tickets are credited for their original purchase, so that revenue is not included in the new ticket group.
  • Extra Fees: These are included in gross revenue, but are also included as a column.

There is an option to export the Ticket Sales Summary Report from the bottom right hand corner.

We continue to add more reports and analytics that help ticket event directors understand and manage their event. Because we make it easy and seamless to update pricing, caps, coupons, and more, the Ticket Sales Summary Report is actionable so that you can maximize revenue for your events.

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