Webinar Recap: Marketing Ticket Events

There are thousands of different events to attend and a strong marketing plan will help your ticket event stand out. You can differentiate your event by knowing your target audience well, intentional advertising, and proper communication.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is about understanding why they attend your event. Is it a social event where the entire community comes together or a more personal experience for a family or small group to attend? Is it a high-activity, full day event or something slow-paced and relaxed? Maybe your event is ongoing and happens multiple days or it only happens one day a year. Your event is unique, and understanding the main motivators that drive attendance is key to knowing the best way to advertise and price your event. 

Activating TicketSignup to Market to Your Audience

After you’ve established why people chose to attend your event you can start marketing in a more intentional way by integrating those reasons into your design and marketing. TicketSignup is built to help you advertise your event to your audience. For example:

  • Add a unique social sharing message to entice people to click on shared links. 
  • Use QR codes and text links to easily redirect potential attendees to your ticket site.
  • Create a professional and custom cover page to feature your branding, color scheme, event photos and details.
  • Implement an engaging pricing strategy with tools like referral rewards programs, coupons, and price increases to motivate people to buy. 

Communicate Your Value

Finally you want to communicate your event and promotions to your audience in an effective way. Use language that creates a sense of urgency with phrases like “last chance” and “limited supply left”. You can also customize your call to action buttons to say “Buy Now” or “Claim your Spot”. When you create your event on TicketSignup you will have free email marketing tools at your disposal. Creating a line of communication with your attendees (and potential attendees) through email is very important for clarity, consistency, and ease. Send out information quickly and your attendees can access it just as fast.

Watch our recent webinar on Marketing Ticket Events to get more information and ideas on how to promote your ticket sales. Start creating your next ticket event here (it’s free)!

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