TicketSignup Ticket App v1.1.15 Release Notes

The latest Ticket App release gives users the option to check in store items, which we call “Store Fulfillment”. Whether you are using TicketSignup’s store to automatically include drink tickets and haunt attractions, or upsell VIP passes and hayrides, this release enables your event staff to incrementally check in store items – all from your attendees’ purchase QR Code.

We’ve added a number of additional features and fixes this round of releases, including the option to go directly to ticket purchase or go directly to store fulfillment from the Ticket App, the ability to print tickets, a ticket count next to the quick “Check In All” option, and more!

1. Configuration Settings

Added Configuration Setting to Enable Store Fulfillment

This setting is found in More > Event Settings > Select a Configuration > Purchase Info View > Show Store Purchases > Enable Store Fulfillment.

The “Enable Store Fulfillment” setting will give users the ability to mark Store Item Purchases as “Fulfulled” for a given Ticket Purchase by tapping the “Store Fulfillment” button on the Ticket Purchase View. This will bring them to a new screen where they can view all Store Items that are associated with the Ticket Purchase they are viewing, how many of them have been fulfilled already, and gives them the ability to mark those not yet fulfilled as fulfilled. The user can also quickly mark all items as fulfilled for a given Store Item, and decrement the amount fulfilled by entering a negative value in the number to fulfil area.

Added Configuration Setting to Control “Lookup Result”

This setting is found in More > Event Settings > Select a Configuration >Navigation Settings. 

The “Lookup Result” setting changes what happens when you tap, scan, or search for a specific Ticket Purchase. By default it will always go to the Ticket Purchase view, but we now give you the ability to change this setting to go directly to the Store Item Fulfillment view mentioned above. This can be handy if you wanted to set up a specific Configuration for your users whose only responsibility is to mark Store Items as fulfilled, and want to make the process for them as quick and simple as possible.

Ticket Purchase View Interface

With the additional features we have added to this view we needed to clean up the interface a bit to make it more user friendly. We have made the “Purchase Information”, “Store Purchases” and “Tickets” sections more distinct by using different colors between them.

Added Label Print Support to Ticket Purchase View

We have added the first version of label printing to the Tickets App. You will now see a print icon in the top right corner of the Ticket Purchase View, which will send a print job to whatever printer you have connected to your device. We have tested with Brother QL810w printers using 1.4” x 3.5” labels, but it is technically possible to use other printers as long as you can connect them to your device in some way.

The label will include a QR code of the Ticket Purchase Confirmation Code, which can be scanned by the TIckets App in the Lookup View to quickly find this Ticketholders Ticket Purchase information.

Ticket Purchase View > Ticket Display Updates

Added the Number of Tickets on a Purchase to the Ticket Purchase > “Check In All” Button.

Improved Readability of Ticket Display in Ticket Purchase View

We have adjusted the display of Tickets in the Ticket Purchase View so it’s easier to see all of the information about the Ticket without having to turn your device to landscape mode.

Made Tickets Header Stick to Top of Screen When Scrolling in Ticket Purchase View

We have made it so that the Tickets header and Check In App Button stick to the top of the screen when scrolling through the list of Tickets on the Ticket Purchase View.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue causing Configurations to duplicate when adding them.

Fixed an issue causing Event Stats to not display properly if Tickets have been transferred.

Fixed an issue causing the user to get a message saying to select a configuration even though they do not have one to select.

Fixed an issue with Android devices when using the back navigation on the Settings view.

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