Eventbrite Promotes Eventbrite

Eventbrite does a marvelous job of promoting themselves, unfortunately at the expense of their customers. If you got to a typical event page that uses Eventbrite, the top of the page is taken over by an ad for the Eventbrite App, which distracts from the event and purchasing tickets for the event.

Contrast this with every event page using TicketSignup that has a nice sticky header encouraging people to SignUp (or Buy Tickets, or whatever you want to say), and if applicable to Donate.

Eventbrite is interested in increasing their ARPU – the Average Revenue per User – not event directors. That is why they are beginning to charge for services like email and advertising and listings, and why they want to promote their app rather than your event.

TicketSignup gives you the technology to be successful with your event – plain and simple.

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