If Your Halloween Event Used Eventbrite, You Left Money on the Table

Eventbrite just had their Q3 Earnings call, where they highlighted Halloween events being up 50% this year. If you hosted one of these events, you left money on the table because of Eventbrite’s high processing fees.

If you had a decent sized Halloween event, you probably used their Professional package, which is $1.59 per Ticket + 6% processing fees (including credit card fees). For TicketSignup customers, our pricing is $1.00 per TRANSACTION (not per ticket) + 6%. For customers doing over 5,000 tickets per year, we do a revenue share dropping the cost 20% to $0.80 + 4.8%.

Per Ticket / Per Transaction Fee

That per Ticket and per Transaction is a killer for most halloween events. In our Haunt wrap-up, we saw an average of 2.74 tickets per transaction. Here is the math for a $20 ticket:

Eventbrite Cost per Transaction:
($1.59 per ticket * 2.74 tickets per transaction) + ($20 per ticket * 2.74 tickets * 6%) = $4.36 + $3.29 = $7.65

TicketSignup Cost per Transaction:
$(0.80 per transaction * 1 transaction) + ($20 per ticket *2.74 tickets * 4.8%) = $0.80 + $2.63 = $3.43.

Assuming 2,000 transactions (about 5,500 tickets), that is a difference of $8,440 that you event could have kept for yourselves or passed onto your customers.

Processing Fee Revenue Generation on TicketSignup

As we covered in this blog, TicketSignup allows our customers to set their own processing fees and keep the difference.

So next Halloween, don’t be scared of making the switch to a better platform that allows you to make more money, and does not charge you for email and is more interested in promoting themselves than your event.

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