Deduplication Options for Email Marketing

There are now 3 deduplication options for Email Marketing:

  • Email, Name, and Placeholders: Emails will send to every contact with a unique email, name, and placeholders. This is the default deduplication setting for ticket events. In most cases this is not important for ticket events that only collect email addresses of the ticket purchaser; however, it is relevant for events like galas that collect each ticket holder’s contact and want to send personalized information. For example, if you send out a pre-event email for an event that collects email address per ticket and includes placeholders like QR Code, ticket number, etc., each person will receive an email even if they have the same email address.
  • Email Only: Emails will only send to unique emails. For example, if you send a marketing email and choose to deduplicate on Email Only, the email will only send one time to each unique email address.
  • Email and Name: Emails will send to each unique name and email combination on the list. For a marketing email, each person would receive an email even if they have the same email address.

You can select your preferred deduplication option on the Recipients page where you select Email Recipient lists to receive an email.

We will walk through each deduplication option in more detail.

Email, Name, and Placeholders

Here is an example email with personalized replacement tags like Ticket Group, number of tickets purchased, and QR Code.

The test event has 3 ticket purchasers with 2 unique email addresses. The sent email details show that 2 recipients received 3 unique emails.

The recipient with 2 ticket purchases received a unique email for each purchase.

Email Only

We recommend using this setting for marketing emails that do not include unique placeholders. For example, promoting an even to a custom list. In this example, the Email Subscribers custom email list has 4 recipients and 2 unique email addresses.

The deduplication option for Email Only with deliver 2 emails to 2 unique email addresses.

Although the recipient has 2 names associated with the email address, only receives one email.

Email and Name

Using the previous example email (with %FIRST_NAME and %LAST_NAME% replacement tags added) and example custom list, the deduplication option for Email and Name will deliver 4 unique emails to 2 email addresses.

The recipient with two unique names receives two emails.

Deduplication doesn’t just happen from TicketSignup’s deduplication settings. It also happens outside of TicketSignup in email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail, etc. While testing the new deduplication settings, we discovered an external issue with certain email clients like Gmail doing additional deduplication which was bad when trying to send multiple emails to one recipient with unique placeholders (i.e. Time slot, QR Code, etc.).

The email client deduplication was unrelated to the TicketSignup deduplication settings; in fact, SendGrid (the email delivery provider we use for both Email V1 and V2) reports showed that all emails were delivered correctly. The email client was doing additional deduplication on the SendGrid Message ID in the email header. We did an update to how we batch emails so that multiple unique emails to the same recipient with TicketSignup’s Email, Name, Placeholder deduplication option will successfully deliver to inboxes. This ensures customers using Gmail and other email clients that do deduplication on the header Message ID will have successful delivery for important pre-race communications and other emails that use TicketSignup’s Email, Name, Placeholder deduplication setting.

We continue to make investments and updates to Email V2. The recent releases of Email V2 Analytics and Deduplication settings give races more insight and flexibility to control and understand their email deliverability.

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