Image Group Component for Email Marketing

There is a new component for Email Marketing that allows you to feature a set of images in a group. You can choose the number of images in a row, add hyperlinks, and a heading. This is perfect for featuring your sponsors with easy links to their websites in your Email Marketing. It can also be used to display multiple images throughout your emails.

Navigate to Email >> Send Email and choose one of our basic templates or build your own. Choose the Image Group component from the available content blocks.

Choose how many images you would like to feature in a row (2-5). There is also an option to add a heading that appears in large text above the image grid.

Click on one of the images to customize.

You can then upload your image.There are also options to crop and adjust the image once uploaded. There is also an option to hyperlink the image. This is particularly helpful when adding images for sponsors, or where you want to link to website content and calls to action.

You can use any size image file, although square images will look best since they will fill the grid. In the example below, I created 200px x 200px images in Canva to upload.

You can stack image groups in an email. For example, add multiple image groups to feature more than 5 sponsors. Or use image groups to feature other images in addition to sponsors, like the example email below.

We continue to add more functionality and customization to TicketSignup’s free Email Marketing platform. The image grid release gives you more flexibility with how you display images, feature sponsors, and customize your email templates.

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