Click to Text Social Share

We are introducing a powerful new social share option: Click to Text. This is automatically available across ticket websites, as well as the confirmation page when someone buys tickets. This incentivizes participants to share (and promote their referral codes) via text immediately after getting tickets.

There are two reasons why Click to Text is such a great marketing tool for events:

  1. The best reference for your event is from your attendees – not from ads. Moreover, texts from friends are going to be read more than any marketing text or email. Featuring Click to Text share options across event website pages encourages people to share with their networks via text message.
  2. Large social media platforms are still around and relevant, but are increasingly about ads and less about connection and networking. This means that fewer people share about the events they attend to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok pages because they are not using these tools to connect with friends as often as they previously did.

Click to Text is available as a website component to feature anywhere on your event website:

Click to Text Social Share
Click to Text Social Share

TicketSignup continues to add features that helps events get more ticket sales. Click to Text options make free event websites even more powerful at marketing your event, and helps promote referral programs.

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