Short URLs for Ticket Events

You can now add short URLs for Ticket Events. Every ticket event set up on TicketSignup gets a free website with a default URL. For example, You can now add up to 5 short URLs that remove “TicketEvent” from the URL. For example,

In addition to short URLs, events can bring their own domains or subdomains for free. In fact, this haunt uses a custom subdomain: While short URLs can make linking to your event website easier, custom domains and subdomains give you full control over branding for your event.

To add Short URLs, navigate to Website >> Event Theme. Click Short URLs from the menu.

Then add one to five Short URLs. Note that Short URLs are not case sensitive, so you can share with uppercase or lowercase characters. You can include letters, numbers, underscores, or dashes.

We continue to add more features to make TicketSignup Websites even more powerful for events.

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