Self-Serve Ticket Management Redesign

TicketSignup reduces customer service for events with self-serve ticket management options. We’ve redesigned the self-serve ticket management page to make it even easier for attendees to resend confirmation emails, transfer their tickets, and track their referrals. As we add more ticket management options, the self-serve ticket management redesign will accommodate more options for attendees.

Self-serve ticket management

The self-serve ticket management page is accessible via the confirmation email, the event website and/or TicketSignup’s free Email Marketing (include the %MANAGE_TICKETS% placeholder). No logins or passwords are needed – TicketSignup generates a unique code for attendees to verify their tickets based on email address.

Attendees can clearly see key information on the page, including event dates and the tickets that they purchased. In addition, the page features the event’s logo and color scheme for a cohesive and branded experience. Based on the settings the event enables, they may be able to view and take the following actions.

Resend Confirmation Email

This provides an easy and accessible way for attendees to re-send their original ticket purchase confirmation email.

TicketSignup Resend Confirmation Email

Transfer Tickets

Self-serve ticket transfers reduce customer service, refunds, and chargebacks. Events can set parameters including cut-off dates, fees, and cap-based rules. Many haunts, holiday light shows, and other multi-date outdoor events use TicketSignup’s self-serve ticket transfers when there is a rainy night and they need to cancel. Rather than issuing refunds, attendees simply choose a new date they want to attend.

In the example below, an attendee transfers tickets from Friday to Sunday.

TicketSignup Transfer Tickets


TicketSignup’s automated Referral Rewards are the most cost-effective marketing tool for events. When enabled, attendees get a unique link that they can share. When friends buy tickets via their unique link, your event can automatically reward them with a refund. With a high-threshold, high-rewards setup, many attendees will share but few will reach the cutoff to get a reward. For example, haunts that used TicketSignup’s Referral Rewards this fall generated $227 in ticket sales for every $1 refunded!

The self-serve ticket management redesign highlights referral progress and gives attendees their unique link.

TicketSignup’s self-serve ticket management redesign makes it even easier for attendees to manage their tickets – no logins or passwords required. Events maintain a branded and cohesive experience – no need for attendees to create TicketSignup accounts or even see TicketSignup’s brand. Most importantly, the self-serve page will accommodate future ticket management options that we will add in 2024 including:

  • Transfer tickets to a friend
  • Edit ticket information
  • Add store items to an existing purchase, to help events upsell add-ons even after attendees buy tickets

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