Email Segmentation with TicketSignup

It’s no secret that we’re big believers in email as a marketing tool. And one of the best things you can do on the email marketing front is start building an email list – we have a whole post on the topic if you’re interested. 

Building your email list is a necessary first step to getting the most out of your email marketing efforts. But the truth of the matter is that not every email message will be relevant for everyone on your list. That’s where email segmentation comes in. 

What is email segmentation? 

Email segmentation is the act of creating smaller sub groups of email subscribers from a larger list. Using email segments means you can send more targeted messages without being a bother to those who aren’t interested. And sending relevant messages is a big part of keeping people engaged, as well as helps reduce people unsubscribing.

For example, if your farm hosts events you might create lists for people interested in family events, or ones for those who only want information for things happening during certain seasons. There are limitless ways to segment an email list. And when you do it right, there are some serious potential benefits.

Why is email segmentation important?

There are a few core reasons why email segmentation is important: 

  • Email segments save time – creating prebuilt lists makes it easier, and quicker, to send messages to a select group of people. Without them, you have to build those lists manually each time, which isn’t very efficient. 
  • Email segments limit email fatigue – We all get tons of emails every day we don’t want. And what do we do with them? Delete them, send them to spam, or just unsubscribe entirely. Email segments reduce those actions by making sure messages are relevant. 
  • Email segments improve ROI – Not only do relevant emails make people less likely to do things you don’t want like unsubscribe. They also make it more likely they’ll interact with the messages you send because they’re relevant to them. 

Setting up email segments with TicketSignup 

If you use TicketSignup – or any of our other products like RunSignup, or GiveSignup – our free email V2 product offers the ability to create email segments. It even creates some email segments automatically – things like past participant lists etc. 

To create a custom email list you click your profile avatar and select “My email marketing tools” from the dropdown menu. 

From there you click “create a list” and then click “create list.” Once there you can add the name of your list and start building. 

The next step is to add contacts to the list. You can do this by adding email addresses manually, or if you have them saved as a CSV file, you can upload that directly. 

Once that’s done, you have a new list. Now when you go to send email messages you can select one of your custom lists. You also have the ability to use those lists when doing things like creating automated emails. 

Moving forward

Making messages as relevant as possible help ensure more people engage with the emails you’re sending them. Creating custom email lists and segmenting out your larger contact list is a great way to do that. If you want a few helpful tips on how to grow an email list, you can check out our post on the topic here.

If you’re all set on the email front and are ready to start promoting, you can create a free event using TicketSignup here.

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