Import Offline Donations

Ticket events can now import offline donations. You can manually enter one or several offline donations or import a CSV of offline donations. This helps nonprofit ticket events keep track of online and offline donations in one place. Additionally, nonprofits can use the donation goal thermometer on event websites to display offline donations in the total amount raised.

Navigate to Donations >> Import. Choose how you would like to import donations: manually with a form or via a CSV upload.

Manual Import Offline Donations

For manual import, you can fill out the form with information for one or multiple donations.

Required fields are First Name, Last Name, Donation Date, and Donation Amount. All other fields are optional, but allow you to keep all of your online and offline donor data in one report. We have added fields specific to donations. For example, select how the offline payment was received; if it was a check, you have the option to enter a check number.

CSV Import

You can also import a CSV if you have a lot of offline donations to enter at one time. Create a CSV file with the data you want to import (note that you must import required fields of first, last, donation date, and donation amount).

Then select your CSV file.

We automatically match your data based on the file you imported. You can double check to make sure that the data is in the correct place and that fields you are not importing are ignored.

Select your date format.

Then review the imported donations. There are options to individually edit or delete, as well as add additional donations. At the bottom of the page, click Save to complete the import.

Donations Report

When you view the Donations report (Donations >> Donation List), there is a column for Manual Entry. All other fields that you imported will also be visible in the Donations report.

You can export the Donation List at anytime during or after ticket sales. Each data field will export in its own column. For example, the data for Manual Entry and type (Cash, check, check number) export as separate columns. This gives you maximum flexibility with donation exports from TicketSignup.

TicketSignup is purpose-built for nonprofit ticket events. With the capability to import offline donations, nonprofits can now leverage website donation goal thermometers to display all online and offline donations for an event. In addition, nonprofits can save time with all donation reporting in a single dashboard for events.

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