Increase Ticket Sales w/Pricing: Encourage Group Attendance

We continue the series on strategies to Increase Ticket Sales with Pricing strategies by focusing on ways to apply discount incentives to encourage group attendance and tap into the social nature that is the foundation of ticket events. This post covers two of the approaches available for event organizers using TicketSignup’s ticket platform: Combo Ticket Pricing and Group Ticket Prices. Both build in incentives for participants to encourage others to participate in the event with them greatly expanding your reach.

Combo Ticket Pricing

As an event planner, you can create Combo Ticket Pricing so that groups (ex: families or friends) can save money when attending together. There are many approaches event organizers can take with this type of incentive. For example, you can offer “family pricing” with the TicketSignup Combo pricing feature. With combo tickets you can incentivize a party of 2 to grow into a group of 4 or more. For example with combo tickets you can create a promotion that would allow a guest to get 2 Free Kids Ticket upon purchasing 3 Adult Tickets, or you could allow guests to buy 2 discounted guest ticket upon buying 4 General Admission Tickets. Utilizing Combo Tickets will help you target families and large friend groups to attend your event and in turn help enhance the social experience. As the event planner you are in the driver seat and can determine what the most appropriate combo ticket structure is for your event.

To set up combo tickets navigate from your event dashboard to Tickets >> Combo Tickets.

Your desired combo ticket promotion will become available to ticket purchasers in the ticket purchase path once they have selected the initial tickets needed to activate the promotion. The example below is structured to offer 2 Free Kid Tickets when you buy 2 Adult tickets. After the ticket purchaser has selected 2 Adult tickets the Free Kid Ticket was then available to claim.

Group Ticket Prices

Offering a Group Ticket or “Party Pack” is another creative way to grow attendance and ticket sales at your event. Having a ticket that includes admission for 5 or 6 people is a great way to get what would be a 2 or 3 person group to invite more friends. A group of 4 people will quickly invite a fifth person if they know they can save on ticket cost. The discount amount will vary depending on what the cost is for one ticket, but you will want to make the discount high enough that it will be worth it to attend your event as a bigger group. If the initial cost is $30 a ticket then you may want to offer a group ticket that will cover admission for 6 people at a $144 price tag. This would give each person in the group a 20% discount. If a 2 person group decides to go for the 6 person party pack, then your event will get 4 extra attendees.

To create a group ticket option navigate from your event dashboard to Tickets >> Setup >>Add Ticket. Be sure to add a description that clearly explains how many people will be granted admission under your “Party Pack” Ticket

You will then want to edit the pricing for your new ticket under Tickets>> Pricing.

This is how your new “Party Pack” ticket option will look in the ticket purchase pathway.

More Information

Learn how to set price increases and use coupon codes in creative ways in part one of this pricing blog series.

If you would like assistance in setting up your event discounts, please contact your TicketSignup account manager or send an email to

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