Why Your Farm Should Sell Tickets Online

Some of the farms we talk to have never sold event tickets online, and some are resistant to the idea. However, many are starting to make the switch to selling farm event tickets online because of five main reasons.

1.Save money on credit card fees.

Many farms have point of sale systems with high credit card fees. When attendees buy tickets with credit cards on site, the farm ends up paying those high credit card fees. TicketSignup only charges a fee when people buy tickets, and that fee covers all credit card fees on transactions. Farms pass this fee on to ticket purchasers so that attendees are the ones paying credit card fees. For example, on a $40 ticket sold on site with a farm’s traditional point of sale, a farm may only make $35-$37 after credit card fees. With TicketSignup, farms get to keep the entire $40. Since we only charge a fee per transaction and not per ticket, we help your attendees save money too. 

2. Get people to actually buy tickets and show up at your farm events.

If customers only have the option to purchase tickets at the door, they may talk about going to your event with friends and family. However, there is nothing tangible to ensure that they actually come to the farm, buy tickets, and attend the event, making it easy for people to forget about your event. When people can buy tickets online ahead of time, your farm gets ticket revenue and people are more likely to attend the event. 

3. Upsell attendees on other items your farm sells.

One of the reasons why you want people to show up at your events is the opportunity to upsell additional items your farm may be selling. For example, maximize ticket sales for your annual corn maze and get people to purchase pumpkins, gourds, apple cider donuts, and more at your farm. When people have already bought tickets ahead of time, they will feel like they have more money to spend while they’re at your event since they aren’t also paying for their tickets that day. 

4. Grow your email list.

Selling tickets online lets you collect contact information for ticket purchasers. This is data that you own and can market to. It’s not a rented billboard or an ad that ends when you stop paying. You’ll own your email list forever. TicketSignup gives you free email marketing so that you can easily design and send emails for free – no limits on number of emails, number of contacts, or anything. 

5. Automate sales tax collection and remittance.

If your farm is located in a state that has event sales tax, moving ticket sales online can help save you a lot of time and money. TicketSignup takes care of all the obligations of calculating, collecting, and remitting sales tax for ticket events. This takes many hours of work, as well as fears of incorrect calculation, off of farms. 

We’ve worked with farms for a long time, and are happy to help farms move their events online so that they can save money, get more people to their events, gain valuable marketing resources for free, and save time. 

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