Default “No Refunds” Policy to Fight Chargebacks

All events created on TicketSignup are now required to have a waiver and/or refund policy. TicketSignup makes this easy with a default “no refunds” policy that has helped our team win chargebacks for our customers:

For new events, you can edit the default refund/waiver in the second step of the Ticket Wizard when setting up your event or in the Dashboard by navigating to Event >> Waiver/Refund Policy.

Events already set up on TicketSignup will see our default refund/waiver policy when navigating to Event >> Waiver/Refund Policy. This does NOT show in the ticket purchase path until you click Save on the page. Events that already have a custom waiver/refund policy will NOT see our default refund/waiver policy; rather, you will see your custom waiver/refund policy.

TicketSignup fights and wins chargebacks on behalf or our events. This reduces an event’s overhead and prevents unnecessary losses. This release ensures that our Finance team has a strong “No Refunds” policy when fighting chargebacks for events.

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