Every Eventbrite Customer Now Pays Subscription Fees

Eventbrite now charges every event that sells more than 25 tickets a subscription fee. While they did not announce the price increase, their main pricing page now has 2 pricing options for events. Events can pay Eventbrite subscription fees per event or per month:

Eventbrite Subscription Fees

Eventbrite’s Subscription Fees

Eventbrite’s new subscription fees are in addition to:

  • Increased per ticket fees rolled out earlier this year. Ticket fees grew to $1.79 + 6.6% per ticket including credit card fees. Compare this to TicketSignup’s per cart fee of $1 plus 6% per transaction including credit card fees – and just $.80 plus 4.8% for events that sell more than 5,000 tickets.
  • Charging for Emails with Boost. Yes, even with a Pro subscription you can only send 10,000 emails per day – expensive for organizations with more than 10,000 contacts! TicketSignup’s Email Marketing is free. Send unlimited emails to unlimited contacts (we make it easy to import!)
  • Charging more for event ads across their site. This blocks the majority of events that do not pay for ads from Eventbrite’s promise to “reach more people”. Non-advertising customers drive traffic to Eventbrite so that Eventbrite can make more money from ad sales. Now non-advertising events have to pay more in subscription and ticket fees so that Eventbrite can make more money from ticket sales too! Versus TicketSignup where we never advertise to your attendees. Instead, we give you a free website that’s optimized for SEO, easy to design, features your event branding, and has cool tools like source tracking so you can really see what drives ticket sales (hint: it’s probably not Eventbrite)!

Pricing Comparison

Let’s compare Eventbrite and TicketSignup fees for a small customer:

2 Events Subscription500 Tickets, 2 Tickets per Purchase @ $252,000 Email Contacts SubscriptionTotal Cost
Eventbrite$100$1.79 + 6.6% per ticket$15/month* $2,000
TicketSignup$0$1 + 6% per transaction$0$1,000
*Limited to one email per day

Let’s take a look at fees for a mid-sized customer that sells 5,000 tickets per year across 10 events:

10 Events Subscription5,000 Tickets, 2 Tickets per Purchase @$2518,000 Email Contacts SubscriptionTotal Cost
Eventbrite$1,908 (10,000 emails/day)
or $500 (250 email/day)
$1.79 + 6.6% per ticket~$200/month*$20,133
TicketSignup$0$.80 + 4.8% per transaction$0$8,000
*Highest pricing tier on Eventbrite’s website is $100/month for 10,000 emails per day.

And for a large customer that hosts 25 events and sells 50,000 tickets per year:

25 Events Subscription50,000 Tickets, 2 Tickets per Purchase @$25250,000 Email Contacts SubscriptionTotal Cost
Eventbrite$1,908$1.79 + 6.6% per ticket~$2,500/month*$203,908
TicketSignup$0$.75 + 4.5% per transaction$0$75,000

Every event, particularly those with recurring events, will be hit with significant costs to continue using Eventbrite. However, Eventbrite is likely looking to grow their bottom line and ensure a positive investor outlook heading into this week’s Q2 earnings call to rally stock prices.

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