Transfer Tickets to a Friend

Ticket holders can now transfer some or all of their tickets to a friend as a gift. When tickets are accepted by the recipient, a new QR Code is issued for the transferred tickets that only the recipient can use. The sender’s transferred tickets are no longer available. It’s another flexible self-serve ticket option that your event can enable to give attendees more flexibility, reduce refunds and chargebacks, and cut customer service – no passwords or logins required.

You can enable Ticket Transfers by navigating to Tickets >> Ticket Management >> Ticket Holder Transfers. Enable the setting and add an optional cutoff date for gift transfers.

When enabled attendees have the option to Transfer Tickets to a Friend, along with any other self-serve ticket management options enabled. Note that the link for attendees to securely manage tickets (no logins or password required) is available in 3 places:

  1. Confirmation Email
  2. Ticket Lookup (website component)
  3. Any emails you send from TicketSignup’s free Email Marketing that include %MANAGE_TICKETS_BUTTON% replacement tag

How Attendees Transfer Tickets to a Friend

When attendees click Transfer Tickets to Friend, they can initiate a new transfer.

Attendees enter the recipient’s name and email, then select some or all of the tickets to transfer. Store items associated with individual tickets are automatically transferred with selected tickets. If you want to transfer all store items associated with the original purchase, check the setting to include overall store items.

While a transfer is still pending, attendees can edit or cancel the gift transfer.

How Recipients Claim Gifted Tickets

The recipient receives a notification when a sender initiates a gift transfer. You can customize this notification by going to Event >> Notifications >> Ticket Holder Gift Transfer.

Attendees then claim the tickets by enter their information on the checkout page, and confirming the transfer.

The recipient receives a confirmation email for the transferred tickets. They can now use that unique QR Code to check-in those two tickets. The recipient can no longer edit or cancel the gift transfer. They can see when the transfer was accepted. Their purchase now only contains the non-transferred tickets and items.

Transfer Tickets to a Friend gives attendees flexible options to gift tickets or transfer tickets they can no longer use to a friend. Your event has happier attendees and fewer customer service emails.

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