TicketSignup Tickets App v1.1.12: Release Notes

The big news of this release is the integration with Square for on-site sales. You can read more about how that can change your event day experience here. This blog touches on all the technical updates and bug fixes in the newest release of the TicketSignup Tickets App.

Feature Updates

Added Ticket Purchase Mode with Square Integration

You can now sell Tickets on site. You must enable Square integration on TicketSignup Dashboard under Financial > Square, then enable purchase and set up your Square Reader in the app when you log into the Event.

You can switch between Purchase and CheckIn modes using the bottom navigation toolbar.

Tickets purchased in the app will be checked in by default, but you can change your Configuration settings to never check in after purchase if you want to manually check in after purchase separately.

You can disable Purchase Mode or CheckIn Mode in Configuration Settings if you want to lock a device down to only do one or the other. This will disable the tab from being selected.

Implemented collapsible settings panels to improve Preset and Configuration Setup flow

Added number of tickets per purchase in purchase list section.

Standardized UI elements throughout the app for consistency and optimal contrast for outdoor usage.

Updated generic “Authentication Error” with more specific “Invalid Password” message.

Added title and cancel/clear functions to the Configuration Selection menu.

Changed default setting so that the search field is no longer automatically selected to prevent the keyboard from showing when you do not want it to.

Added Configuration Setting to control whether or not you want the keyboard to automatically show when search for participants.

Updated target support email address to

Bugs Fixed

Refactored CheckIn Stats to better handle large amounts of Ticket Groups in an Event.

Prevented local Presets from being used on Cloud Configurations.

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