Ticket Numbers: The What, Why, and How

We have a few blogs on assigning and using ticket numbers, but today we’re taking a closer look at the primary use-cases for custom ticket numbers and how you can implement them for your event.

What Are Ticket Numbers?

Ticket numbers are, simply, numbers assigned to tickets so you can use them as identifiers. By default, the assignment of ticket numbers is off, but you can enable automatic assignment of ticket numbers or input your own custom numbers.

Why Would I Need Ticket Numbers

There are a few types of events that need ticket numbers. Our most common use-cases include:

  • Events with an auction (like a gala). In this example, the ticket number would correspond to the auction paddle or similar item to make it easy for the auction organizers to track the winners of each auction item.
  • Events with randomized door prizes. In this example the ticket number would correspond with numbers in a random drawing for door prizes, making it easy for the event organizers to identify the winners.
  • Events with wristbands and multiple check-in points. In this example, an attendee needs to check-in at multiple points throughout the event, such as at a Halloween Haunt where each attendee can go through a Haunted House, a Haunted Hay Ride, and a Haunted Forest. The attendee needs to check-in at every attraction, but may not have their phone handy throughout. In this case, wristbands with numbers for QR or barcodes can be used for every check-in after the initial one. We’ll walk through this scenario more below.

How Do I Assign Ticket Numbers?

There are two main options, depending on your use case for ticket numbers: assign at purchase, or assign dynamically on-site.

Assign At Purchase

For events like an auction where you want attendees to know their number ahead of time, enable ticket numbers at the time of purchase. You can find this by navigating to Tickets >> Ticket Numbers.

Indicate a starting number for your ticket assignment to correlate with the numbers on your tickets/auction paddles, etc. If you pre-assign ticket numbers, it is recommended that you select the option to hide the Ticket ID number on confirmation emails. This prevents any potential confusion from having multiple numbers listed on the confirmation email.

To view the ticket numbers in your ticket report, go to Tickets >> Reports >> Individual Tickets and click on “Edit Columns” and select the column for Ticket Number. Your attendees will be able to see their ticket number in their confirmation email. If they have purchased more than one ticket, they will see the ticket number for each ticket.

If you are assigning ticket numbers in advance, it’s likely important that your attendees can easily access their ticket number. We recommend including the ticket number in your pre-event email, using a custom replacement tag. You can find the replacement tag via “Placeholders” drop-down menu or by beginning to type the tag (%Tic…). Note: this replacement tag will not be an option if your event has not enabled Ticket Numbers.

Assign Dynamically On-Site

For events that are using ticket numbers with a wristband or similar option, it’s best to assign your ticket numbers at check-in, either manually or through a QR code or barcode scan. If you’re assigning on-site, you’ll need to set up your Tickets App for CheckIn to enable your staff or volunteers to assign numbers. If you are assigning numbers manually (I.E., typing in the number as people are checked in), you’ll want to make sure you have the following settings enabled in your Tickets App.

First, create a preset that shows the ticket number at check-in and allows your team to edit the number. You may or may not want to allow check-in staff to clear the ticket number.

Then, create a configuration that requires a ticket number for check-in to prevent accidental check-ins without saving the ticket number.

At check-in, you will be prompted to enter the ticket number for the person you are checking in.

Ticket Numbers and Wristbands

For events that are using wristbands to check-in participants at multiple points, you want to order wristbands with a QR code or barcode that’s tied to a specific number. In that case, you’ll also want to update your configuration to show camera on number assignment.

Once enabled, your camera will automatically show when you are checking in attendees. This will auto-fill the number associated with the QR code or barcode on the wristband. At future check-in points, staff can re-scan the code on the wristband to bring up the related ticket and check-in the next attraction – all without needing to access the original ticket again.

Wristbands with QR codes that are tied to numbers are easy to find and inexpensive to order. Learn more about how they work with TickeSignup, or evaluate extensive vendor options.

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