CheckIn App for Season and Event Passes

We are excited to announce that TicketSignup’s CheckIn App now allows multiple check-ins for season and event passes. Events can sell unlimited passes and/or limited use passes on TicketSignup. The Ticket App tracks the number of uses, as well as check-ins remaining for limited use passes.

Season Pass with Unlimited Uses
Event Pass with Limited Uses

TicketSignup for Season and Event Passes

TicketSignup now has a complete solution for Season and Event Pass tickets:

  • Set up season and event pass ticket types to allow multiple (i.e. 3) or unlimited check-ins.
  • Use the Ticket App to check-in season passes and seamlessly track multiple check-ins and uses remaining. No additional setup is needed – the Ticket App recognizes different pass types and will automatically enable multiple check-ins based on your season or event pass ticket types.
  • Sell season passes on site with the Ticket App’s integrated point of sale.
  • View, search, and export reports to understand when attendees redeemed passes. There are three data fields added to the Individual Tickets Report: Checked In, Checked In Count, and All CheckIns.

TicketSignup’s complete season and event pass solution is purpose-built for a variety of event types:

  • Season Passes for ice skating rinks, swimming pools, amusement parks, farms, and more.
  • Weekend and Event Passes for multi-day music festivals, beer & wine events, and more.
  • Limited use passes, such as a package of 10 open water swims or 5 paintball rounds.

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