Self-Serve Add Store Items to Existing Purchases

We have extended self-serve ticket managements options. Events can allow attendees to self-serve add store items to existing purchases from the Manage Tickets page. This is in addition to dashboard ticket management options that allow directors to add items to existing purchases.

Self-serve ticket management for store items is a win-win for attendees and events. Attendees can make sure they get the add-ons they want – no logins or passwords required. Your event gets additional revenue, reduced customer service, consolidated reporting, and streamlined on site fulfillment with the Ticket App.

Enable Self-Serve Add Store Items to Existing Purchases

You can allow attendees to add additional store purchases by navigating to Tickets >> Ticket Management >> Store Purchases. Enable the feature. There is an option to customize the wording that shows on the Ticket Management page. For example, if you are using store to offer VIP Upgrades, you could enter “Upgrade Your Purchase”.

How Attendees Add Items to an Existing Purchase

From the Manage Tickets button on the confirmation email, your event website, or TicketSignup’s Email Marketing, attendees can access their ticket management page. The options they see depend on the features your event enables. When they click the option to add store items, they will see a summary of previously purchased items. They can then select what they want to buy and checkout as they normally would.

If they go to add more items, they will see previously purchased items at the top. This makes it easy to track what they have already purchased.

Reports and Fulfillment with the Ticket App

TicketSignup streamlines reporting and fulfillment for self-serve added store items. Items automatically show with the original ticket purchase in reports. There is easy access to manage the store order.

When configured for store fulfillment, the Ticket App will display all add-ons associated with a ticket purchase, including those added through self-serve. Just scan the QR code that the ticket holder has in Apple Wallet or their confirmation email, or search by name in the App.

What’s Coming Next?

Self-serve ticket management options help events reduce customer service, make more money, and give attendees flexible options. Moreover, TicketSignup creates self-serve ticket management options that keep reporting and check-in streamlined. Coming next, we will be adding another self-serve option to transfer tickets to a friend (as a gift). Later this year we will add Apple Pay for standalone and self-serve store purchases.

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