2.7 Million+ People Checked In With Our Event Day Apps in 2022

The TicketSignup Tickets App makes attendee check-in a breeze for every event – and for more complex events, allows for easy item fulfillment and attraction checkin.

CheckIn for Attendees

Allow your staff or volunteers to check in attendees in an instant with a QR scan or name search, and get attendees in the door in no time.

CheckIn for Item Fulfillment

Upsell your events with merchandise, perks, and add-ons like drink tickets. The Tickets App makes it easy to redeem and track your add-on options.

CheckIn for Attractions

Halloween haunts and other events with multiple attractions can require check-in at each attraction to attendees honest and manage event traffic.

Download the TicketSignup Tickets App

Whether you want the TicketSignup App for CheckIn or on-site purchase through Square (or both), it’s FREE and available on any ioS, Android, or Chromebook device.

TicketSignup Tickets App for CheckIn

Works online and offline

  • Spotty connection? Our team has worked with thousands of events in remote locations, from farms to national parks, to make sure our EventDay tools work regardless of connection
  • The TicketSignup Tickets App stores all tickets and store purchases, allowing you to scan QR codes and look up purchase info without internet
  • All CheckIn data is queued per device – so edits sync when you get a signal, meaning you never lose check-in data

Scan QR codes or Search Purchaser Name

  • Send attendees their QR code with a scheduled pre-event email. Apple Wallet coming soon!
  • No QR code? No problem. You can also pull up purchases using a name search to keep lines moving quickly

CheckIn In Action

Check in Attendees in Seconds

Easily Manage Tickets in CheckIn

Customize CheckIn Display for Event Staff

  • Show all tickets, or filter on ticket type (I.E. only VIP), date (I.E., only Friday tickets), or time slot (I.E., only Friday 10/13 tickets for 8:00am).
  • Choose which ticket details to display or hide in the app
  • Choose which permissions the staff has, like the ability to un-check-in tickets
  • Create different app configurations for different staff members, depending on their needs and roles
  • Lock the Tickets App so staff cannot edit settings or permissions

View Stats

  • Monitor check-in stats in the Tickets App
  • View aggregate stats by ticket type, date, and time slot
  • Understand when check-ins occur with time-stamped data through check-in interval reports and check-in report exports

Redeem Items with the Tickets App

Redeem Items On Site

  • Selling merch or upselling with add-ons? Bundling items with tickets? The Tickets App makes it easy to fulfill additional purchases and bundled items
    • Example: 2 drink tickets are included with VIP tickets. Easily redeem them onsite with the Tickets App
    • Example: An attendee purchased 3 light wands online, you can mark them as fulfilled when picked up at the event
  • Configure the app based on each staff member’s role to allow only tickets check-in, only store check-in, or check-in of both
  • Redeem standalone purchases on-site

Check-In Attractions with the Tickets App

Attraction CheckIn

  • Seamlessly handle secondary check-ins at attractions and experiences within your event
  • Automatically include attractions, along with the number of times they can redeemed, with ticket purchases
  • Dynamically assign ticket data to wristbands with QR codes. Learn More.
  • Make it easy for ticket holders to redeem their attractions on site
    • Haunt Example: 4 attractions included with ticket; scan QR code at each attraction to ensure attendees only go through the attraction once
  • Capture more data to understand throughput and address bottlenecks in lines at attractions/booths with TicketSignup analytics and time-stamped data

See CheckIn In Action

What Else Can You Do with the Tickets App?

TicketSignup enables on site sales with point of sale options within the Tickets App. On site sales are built on top of Square so your event can use Square’s suite of low-cost, best-in-class hardware to accept payments. Square’s on site fees are 2.6% + 10 cents. Add your Square account to your event and start selling tickets on site!

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