Standalone Store for Ticket Events

The first version of the standalone store for Ticket Events is now available. This allows website visitors to purchase available store items without buying a ticket, making it a great solution for events looking to grow revenue through store sales and organizations that want to keep store sales open beyond ticket sales.

To add a store to your website, first make sure your items are available for purchase through the standalone store. Navigate to Store >> Store Setup. If you have existing items, click Edit Item from the dropdown. If you don’t have any items, add a store item. For Product Availability, select one of the three options that enable purchase from the standalone store.

Once your items are set up, you’ll need to add the standalone store to your website. In the coming weeks, we will automatically do this for you with System Pages. If you’d like to add a standalone store to your ticket event website in the interim, copy your website URL and append it with /Store. For example:

Website URL:
Store URL:

Navigate to Website >> Website Builder. Click Add New External Link.

Then you can customize how the store appears in the website menu navigation. Paste your Store URL in the External URL.

The store menu item will display the items available in the standalone store.

The checkout page is very similar to tickets. At this time, address is required for all store purchases.

The purchaser will receive a notification confirming their store purchase. To edit the notification, go to Event >> Notifications and click the Store Purchase Confirmation to add additional content.

The Store Orders report (Store >> Store Orders) shows all store purchases, including from the standalone store.

Many events like haunts, farm events, and beer fests are using the store to pre-sell items and upgrades, as well as sell additional items on site. With the powerful Warehouse for cross-event inventory and item management, flexible store CheckIn app options, and a sleek & modern interface, TicketSignup’s store can help events grow revenue and easily manage upsells, add-ons, and swag.

We are going to continue to invest in Store functionality and features in 2023. The product roadmap for Store broadly includes the following:

  • Ability to check in standalone store purchases from the CheckIn App
  • Option to use TicketSignup’s Square Point of Sale system to sell store items on-site
  • Extension of the Warehouse to the RunSignup registration platform
  • Improved store purchase and fulfillment reporting, particularly for multi-day and timed entry events

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