Ticket Sales As Fast As Your Runners

Everything you need for your events is included – no subscriptions, no monthly fees, and no long-term contracts.


Make it simple for attendees to buy tickets in seconds with flexible ticket grouping options and an effortless purchase path. Whether on a laptop, phone, or even on-site, we make sure there are no barriers to ticket purchasing.

Event Website

Use our intuitive Website Builder to create a professional, branded website for event. Include details about your nonprofit, add an event FAQ, include videos and playlists, and turn your event photos into instant FOMO.

Free Email

Upload unlimited custom email lists and re-engage your spectators year after year with personalized, branded emails. Schedule and send pre-event reminders with individual QR codes for a smoother event experience.

Event Day

Streamline your on-site operations with the TicketSignup Tickets App for attendee check-in and keep selling tickets with point of sale through the TicketSignup integration with Square.

Key Features for Track & XC Tickets

Easy Setup

Take advantage of a free, branded website and configure your tickets to fit your event.

  • Customize your free event website to match your brand and include all key logistical details.
  • Offer simple ticket options for fast purchasing or create groupings simplify more complex sets of options
  • Set caps for each ticket and group of tickets to ensure you’re never oversold

Barrier-Free Purchasing

Make ticket-buying fast and easy to maximize your attendance (and revenue).

  • No login required to purchase tickets and ticket management options available directly from an attendee’s email
  • Mobile-responsive and speedy ticket purchasing path ensures interested people always make it to the end of purchasing
  • Fast checkout with options to save credit cards or scan credit cards at checkout
  • Tickets can be added to attendee’s Apple Wallet for easy access at the meet

Speedy CheckIn

The free TicketSignup Tickets App streamlines your event day processes, eliminates lines, and ensures happy attendees.

  • Check-in attendees in seconds with a quick QR scan or smart search
  • Check in all tickets from a purchase at the same time or check them in individually as members of the group arrive
  • Create standard configurations for your check-in team to ensure they have all the information they need (and none that they don’t)

On-Site Sale Options

Maximize your revenue with options to continue selling tickets on-site.

  • Use on-site signage with QR codes to encourage or require pre-purchasing of tickets
  • Enable on-site sales via Square integration to continue selling tickets via cash or card
  • Upsell attendees with on-site sal

The Bottom Line: More Revenue

Online ticket sales helps you sell tickets earlier, reduces barriers to purchasing, and increases your opportunities for revenue. For event directors currently using RunSignup or TicketSignup, your track and cross country ticket sales can use the same payment account you use for your other events and partners can increase their partner revenue share with added ticket events.

Looking for Registration? We can help with that, too.

For endurance events requiring participant registration, the RunSignup Registration platform is your technology solution. Both TicketSignup and RunSignup are built on the same reliable and secure technology core, keeping all your key data together in one place. Learn more about RunSignup’s registration platform or request a call to learn more about which solution is right for you.

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