Webinar Recap: Ticket Event Day- With Point of Sale

Event day is always a busy one with last minute questions, disruptions, or changes from attendees. Here are a few steps you can take to better prepare your attendees for what’s to come, clear up any possible confusion ahead of time, and implement point of sale for additional ticket sales.

1. Plan out Pre-Event Communication

The first step you can take to prepare is sending out a pre-event email. You will want to include all important information like what to bring, where to park, and how to manage your tickets. With TicketSignup’s free email marketing you can use data tags to send out one email to all of your attendees that will automatically fill in the information that matches each attendee. You can also input buttons that link to your website’s FAQ page or other important information. Providing attendees with important information before the event through an email and FAQ page will help them be prepared for your event and save you time by clearing up any confusion beforehand.

2. Download the TicketSignup Tickets App to Manage CheckIn

No need for spreadsheets or paper lists, check in can be managed directly from your phone with the TicketSignup Ticket app. You’ll either scan a QR code from attendees or search their name, then click check in and move on to the next person in line. Be sure to download the app and configure your Ticket app setup before your event. There are configurations for you to customize so you get all the information you want to appear from each attendee. The Ticket app will also show you live data on how many people have been checked in.

3. Accommodate for Point Of Sale

Finally the next step you can take to ensure a smooth EventDay is by accommodating for last minute ticket purchases. You will want to keep your ticket sales open on your website throughout your entire event day, this will allow attendees to still buy tickets online. To do this navigate to your Event dashboard >> Tickets >> Setup >> Purchase Ends >> Input the time your event ends. This means attendees can buy tickets on their phone right from the event parking lot. You can also enable point of sale through TicketSignup’s new integration with square. Using a square reader will help you track cash purchases and it will sync with your ticket caps. Watch the webinar below to get a full in depth demonstration on Square, everything from setup to purchase! 

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