How Online Tickets Can Boost Sales for Your Home Haunt

Hauntworld estimated in 2016 that there are over 4,000 Halloween events in the US each fall, with a total of 32 million Halloween tickets sold each year. Some of those are huge, drawing 100,000 guests in the short season, but the majority of attractions are built for a few thousand (or a few hundred) attendees.

Many of these smaller Halloween events are Home Haunts, a walkthrough Halloween experiences built in a family home or yard and run on a limited-time basis. Many Home Haunts operate on a first come, first serve, cash-only basis, creating long lines and uncertainty. Looking to take your Home Haunt to the next level? We have a few simple ways that online ticket sales through TicketSignup can boost your attendance and reduce your stress.

1. Promote Less-Attended Days/Times

At times, a seasonal attraction can feel like a roller coaster: One day, your neighbors are annoyed by the lines of traffic on your block and would-be attendees are turned away. The next day, the creepiest thing about your haunt is how few people are walking through.

Pricing strategies can help you balance out your crowds by making it easy to offer discounts on less-attended nights and helping you make more money through premium pricing on the most popular days and times.

Three simple ways to use pricing to incentivize a more even flow of attendees:

1. Discount “off” nights and edge times (early bird special, anyone?!)

2. Premium pricing for premium times to offset the lower-priced “off” times

3. Bulk discounts for attendees buying multiple tickets for slow-traffic nights

2. Stoke FOMO

No one wants to miss out on THE Halloween event of the year! Setting and showing ticket caps can help motivate potential attendees by reminding them that they could miss out if they don’t purchase quickly!

3. Capitalize on Commitment

We’ve all made grand plans for a fun weekend…and then spent the whole time on the couch. Online sales capitalize on excitement in the moment and convert “maybes” to “yeses”. Once that money is spent in advance, your attendees are that much more likely to show up!

4. …but Leave Room for Changes

While you want to maximize ticket sales, providing some flexibility can ensure that your attendees have a good experience, spread the word about your event, and come back next year.

By enabling Ticket Transfers, you allow your attendees to change their ticket option with a quick link from their confirmation email. You have the option to allow this for free or for a fee, and the system will automatically collect the difference if the new ticket is more expensive. In other words, you can provide customer service that is totally automated, improving the experience for everyone.

5. Eliminate Lines

Wondering how you check all those online tickets and get everyone into your house without a delay? Easy. The Ticket CheckIn App allows your team to check in attendees with the scan of a QR code (or the typing of a name), with options to check in all tickets purchased together, or to split them up when attendees don’t all arrive at once.

The best part? If you are still offering ticket sales as the gates open, the Ticket CheckIn App syncs in real-time, meaning you can sell a ticket in the parking lot, and have them listed as an attendee in the CheckIn App by the time they arrive at the front door.

How to Setup Online Ticket Sales for Your Home Haunt Today

Ready to get started? You can setup your ticket sales with TicketSignup today. It’s FREE for you, with all associated costs covered by processing fees that you can pass onto your attendees. Processing fees are determined per transaction, not per ticket, saving money for your attendees who buy in bulk.

The best part? TicketSignup provides you with a free, customizable website for your event, as well as a free email marketing platform (including unlimited contacts and unlimited sends) to help you promote your event. Click the link below to start the Ticket Wizard and get your event setup today!

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