Selling Tickets to (All Kinds of) Music Events

Music is life itself.

Louis Armstrong

There is nothing that brings people together for a collective experience quite like music! The best thing about it? There is no limit to the ways you can incorporate music into your event schedule. Check out some recent musical events from our customers for inspiration!

KHS Orchestra – Concert for a Cause…

The KHS Orchestra combined three things people love: music, celebrating kids, and supporting a good cause. The high school orchestra concert gave students an opportunity to share their talents with the community while raising money for Addi’s Faith Foundation.

Why we love Concert for a Cause…

1. Storytelling

The KHS Orchestra utilized their website cover page to share personal videos, one about their student orchestra, and one about the nonprofit they are supporting. It’s a simple way to bring an emotional element to the ticket-purchasing decision and make attendees feel good about their choice to buy.

2. Donations

KHS Orchestra keeps their cause front and center, with a soft donation ask during the ticket purchasing path and a permanent “Donate Button”. They even customized their donation levels to tie donation amounts to specific good, such as paying utility bills or providing a meal. And it worked – 30% of all ticket purchasers made an additional donation!

3. Price Incentives 

We all know that it’s easier to prepare for an event when tickets are purchased in advance…but people LOVE to procrastinate. KHS Orchestra used a simple pricing strategy to incentivize early ticket purchases by raising the ticket price 50% for people who waited until the last week to buy.

Midland Music Festival

The Midland Music Fest is a classic local music festival, with live music, food trucks, and local beers while committing proceeds to support local causes. Their TicketSignup event website provided ticket sales for both attendees and vendors, as well as general information about the event.

Why we love Midland Music Festival…

1. Vendor and Attendee tickets

The Midland Music Fest provided two simple ticket options: one for attendees of the festival, and a second option for vendors who wanted to sell their goods at the event. Like the KHS Orchestra, they used a time incentive to encourage attendees to purchase early, with day-of ticket sales increasing in price. For vendors, there was only one price point, but ticket sales closed earlier to ensure time for vendor logistics.

2. An FAQ Page

Midland Music Fest took advantage of the menu and page options in the website builder to create a simple FAQ Page for their attendees. This helps cut back on attendee emails, reduces customer service needs, and allows attendees to prepare appropriately for the event.

3. Ticket CheckIn

The Midland Music Fest used the Ticket CheckIn App to quickly and efficiently admit ticket holders to the event. Their Ticket CheckIn Stats Dashboard made it easy to see how many tickets remained to be checked in, at a glance.

Homebrew & Music Walk

This unique event combines two things the people love: music and beer! Belleville Main Street hosted this celebration in April, selling tickets to attendees that allowed them to sample local homebrews at local retailers (and vote for their favorite) while being entertained by multiple musicians along the way.

Why we love Homebrew & Music Walk…

1. Easy Buying Process

We love a good multi-day event with a bedazzled cover page, but sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to keep the focus on the event. Belleville Main Street made the ticket purchasing process super-simple with one ticket option, limited information collection, and no additional questions.

2. Email

Belleville Main Street used the integrated email platform to send a simple email to all ticket purchasers in advance of the walk. And it’s clear that people appreciated the communication: a whopping 60% of recipients opened the email, and many of them opened it multiple times to review details.

Music in the Park

Nothing brings a community together like music and fresh air! Music in Kolb Park is an example of how classic events never go out of style, with a community organization offering a BYOC (bring your own chair) concert in a lovely setting.

Why we love Music in the Park…

1. Free Event with Donation Option!

Charging an upfront ticket price isn’t the only way to fundraise through events. Rather, Music in the Park offered free tickets to their supporters with the option to donate. This makes for an inclusive event while providing an incentive for people to donate as they are able. In the end, 34% of all purchasers elected to donate online, with an additional option for attendees to donate via check.

2. A Sellout Event!

Nothing says success like a sellout, and Music in the Park had to close ticket purchases in advance of the event when the venue reached capacity.

The Takeaway

Music events are ubiquitous, but they are also incredibly varied and unique to their communities. Whether you’re setting up a large-scale music festival, adding music to a local beer event, showcasing the talent of student musicians, or providing free entertainment in your town, TicketSignup has a solution to help you sell tickets and grow your event.

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