Why Pricing Matters…

Increase Revenue

Pricing strategies drive buying patterns. Time-limited and group-specific discounts provide the extra motivation buyers need to finish the purchase.

Encourage Earlier Buying

Capture potential attendees in the moment, before they can be distracted by another event. Earlier purchases means better planning for your event day(s).

Change Traffic Patterns

Use pricing to drive the sales of your least popular tickets. This keeps your event hopping throughout, without over-crowding any other day and times.

Promote Sharing

Turn attendees into ambassadors for your event with pricing structures that reward them for sharing the event with their friends and family.

Key Pricing Features

Price Increases

Prompt earlier action with time-based price increases – early purchases lead to better planning resources.

  • Encourage early buying with price increase as the event date approaches
  • Add multiple price increases to create continued incentives to throughout the leadup to the event

Coupon Codes

Offer time-limited coupons to shift traffic patterns and incentivize purchasing.

  • Promote a specific night or event with a coupon code for that ticket option
  • Encourage attendance from a specific group like a school with a code for their group
  • Reward sponsors or supporters with free or discounted entry
  • Use Coupon Pools to share coupons across your events
  • Auto-apply coupons to reduce customer service from user error

Promotional Pricing

Use themes and discounts to increase sales of your least popular tickets.

  • Set lower prices for less popular days or ticket options to encourage price-motivated attendees
  • Offer specific promotional nights with discounts and themes, such as a Food Truck Night, Buy One Get One night, Fundraiser Night, First Responder Night, etc.

Group Pricing

Encourage attendees to bring their friends and family with discounts for groups.

  • Use bulk pricing to discount the per-ticket price when buying multiple tickets together
  • Offer multiple tiers of group ticket pricing to encourage large groups and additional sharing of the event
  • Provide card discounts, where purchasers who exceed a pre-set cart total receive and automatic discount

Referral Rewards

Enable an option to send each ticket purchaser a unique referral URL to share and reward them when purchases are made through their URL.

  • Set a threshold for referrals that’s hard, but attainable (for example, 5 referred purchases)
  • Set a reward that’s high enough to be worth the effort of sharing (for example, a $20 refund if you reach the referral threshold)
  • Refunds are made automatically when the threshold is reached
  • Attendees who successfully refer some purchasers, but do not reach the threshold, cost your event nothing

Pricing to Upsell

Store Items

Use your TicketSignup Store to increase revenue by offering merch within (and outside) your purchasing path.

  • Sell premium merch like sweatshirts and fun swag like glow sticks
  • Allow attendees to pre-purchase food and drinks for fast and easy redemption on-site
  • Upsell your experience with store items for add-on opportunities like behind the scenes tours, or a premium attraction

VIP Bundles

Bundle merch and on-site experiences with a VIP ticket option for premium buyers.

  • Makes it easy for the ticket buyer to access add-on items without manually adding them
  • Encourages more purchasers to include your merch and on-site experiences
  • View each portion of the bundle separately on the checkout page and track item individually on the Tickets App

On-Site Sales

Provide opportunities for add-on sales on-site to increase the value of each ticket purchaser.

  • Use QR code signage to allow attendees to purchase items from their phones on-site
  • Take advantage of the TicketSignup integration with Square to offer additional card and cash sales on-site, while keeping all your data in one place

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