How TicketSignup Enables Merch Sales & Fulfillment

Sell Merch Online
Before Event Day

Upsell attendees with add-ons and merchandise in the ticket purchase path.

Sell More On Site
on Event Day

Take advantage of on-site excitement with opportunities to purchase more merch on-site.

All Purchases

Easily fulfill all purchases on-site with instant updates in the Tickets App for CheckIn.

Set Up Items

  • Offer multiple variants (I.E., color & size)
  • Indicate inventory available
  • Set item availability – per ticket, per purchase, and/or standalone store
  • Flexible pricing setup, including by variant
    • Example: Regular drink $5, Large Drink $8
  • Attention-catching display options including strikethrough pricing, images, and custom text

Sell Merch & Add-Ons Online

  • Upsell attendees with merch and add-ons in the purchase path
  • Automatically include items with a ticket
    • Example: VIP Tickets include 2 drink tickets
  • Grow Revenue (coming in 2023!): Allow attendees to add items to an existing purchase and send an automated email after the original ticket purchase to promote purchasing more
  • Feature a store on your website to sell items to anyone, including people who haven’t purchased tickets

Redeem Store Purchases On Site

  • Fast Group Fulfillment: QR codes include all tickets and items purchased by an attendee
  • Easily fulfill additional purchases and bundled items
    • Example: VIP Tickets include 2 drink tickets – redeem on the Tickets App
    • Example: 3 light wands purchased – mark fulfilled when picked up at the event
  • Check-in all tickets and store items together, or configure the Tickets App to allow only tickets or only store based on a staff member’s role
  • Redeem standalone store purchases on-site
  • Dynamically assign ticket data to wristbands with QR codes to make it even easier to redeem items throughout the the event.

Sell Items On Site

  • Use QR codes to enable standalone store purchases on site, with fast checkout to make continued buying easy
  • Sell items on site using the Tickets App Square integration. Accept cash, card, and mobile payments while keeping reporting and inventory in sync. Receipt printing optional.
  • Coming in 2024: Dynamic ticket assignment to QR codes on wristbands will enable easy scanning to sell items via the Tickets App, while ensuring the on site sales data is still associated with a specific ticket purchase

View Store Orders and Fulfillment Data

  • View aggregate and individual store order reports with easy exporting
  • Filter reports by item
  • Understand how many and when items were redeemed


  • If you have multiple events, TicketSignup’s Warehouse enables you to sell items across different events while maintaining a single inventory.
  • Add items from your Warehouse to your events so you never oversell items.

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