Why Should Events Use Referral Rewards?

This organic promotion generates buzz, expands your reach, and attracts attendees who are more likely to convert due to recommendations from trusted sources.

Repeat Registrations

Referral Rewards not only encourages attendees to recruit others but also strengthens their engagement with your e event and builds loyalty for higher repeat purchases. 

Increased Registrations

Referral Rewards provides an incentive for a to attendees to spread the word about your event. By offering rewards to individuals who refer friends, family, or colleagues you can boost ticket sales and grow your event year after year.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Referral Rewards leverages the power of word-of-mouth marketing, which is highly effective and cost-efficient. The average cost is just $0.98 per each new referred ticket.

How Referral Refunds Work

1.Offer an Automated Referral Reward

Set up a Referral Rewards Program. Your program will include a threshold (the number of people an attendee successfully refers) and a reward (the refund an attendee gets if they reach that threshold). If you set your threshold at 3 referrals for a reward, participants who refer 1 or 2 participants to your event do not get a reward.

2. Automated Tracking

TicketSignup’s referral rewards tool automates the referral tracking process, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping. The system assigns a unique referral link to each attendee and includes it on their confirmation page and confirmation email for easy sharing. Then, TicketSignup accurately attributes referrals to attendees and automates the rewards process to reduce administrative burdens.

3. Refund Rewards

Money talks. Refunds are the most popular reward for referrals because it’s easy to manage and motivating to everyone. Our standard recommendation is a $20 refund for 5 referrals, but you can customize the amount refunded and the threshold of referrals.

4. Stacking Rewards

Continue to encourage referrals event after the initial refund is given by stacking rewards and offering additional refund tiers. Or, go beyond refunds and reward attendees with premium swag, VIP event day experiences, and more. The automated referral tracking makes it easy for you to see which attendees earn your swag or experiential rewards to fulfill their reward. With free and integrated email marketing, it’ simple to remind attendees to share your event!

5: Track and Monitor Referral Performance

TicketSignup’s comprehensive dashboard provides real-time data on referral activity. You can track the number of referrals generated, successful conversions, and the performance of individual attendees. This information helps you identify top referrers, measure the effectiveness of your referral program, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.

Referral Rewards Results

Cost Per Acquisition is $0.98
Referral Rewards ROI is 5262%
% Transactions from 6%

Get More Out of Your Referral Rewards

  1. Dial In Your Program: Set a refund reward that is high enough for attendees to want to work for (at least $15), with a threshold that is challenging but attainable (at least 3 referrals).
  2. Customize Your Social Sharing Options: Attendees can seamlessly share their referral codes and race information on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter – customize your images and messaging to sell your race.
  3. Stack Rewards: Offer multiple reward tiers to incentivize your super referrers to keep referring after they reach your initial reward threshold.
  4. Include Exclusive Swag or Upgraded Event Experiences: If you’re offering swag such as t-shirts, hats, water bottles, or other branded merchandise, make sure it’s high quality and something that’s not available to attendees outside the referral program. Or, consider a creative approach to rewarding your highest referrers by offering perks like early access to next year’s ticket sales, preferred time slots, free parking, or access exclusive areas.
  5. PROMOTE YOUR PROGRAM: Referral rewards only works if your attendees know about it. Add referral program information to your website cover page, social media channels, and email communications. To automate reminders about the program, set up automated registration follow-up emails and a replacement tag with their unique referrer link.

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