TicketSignup – Event Technology Partner for Your Farm

TicketSignup is designed specifically with the needs of farm events in mind – Halloween Haunts and Jack O Lantern Shows, Corn Maizes, Holiday Light Shows, Sunflower Days, Strawberry U’Pick, Hayrides and more. We build technology that is easy to use and that you can control. And it is completely free to your farm with ticket buyers paying a small processing fee.

1. Ticket Purchase Options

Ticket Tiles

One of the things we are famous for is our simple, modern ticket purchase with customizable Ticket Tiles. The Tiles bring focus to the thing you want your customers to do – buy tickets. No more old style drop downs, and it is more fun for your customers. It starts with our simple to understand Ticket Tiles:

You can customize these event tiles for different purposes: This event highlights each day – clicking on “Buy Tickets” shows the options for that day:

You can even put images in. This example shows a calendar image, but it could be an image of a sunflower or zombie, depending on your event. This example also shows how you can have different ticket types with a tile.

You can also choose horizontal Ticket Tiles, and sometimes when there are combinations, you can use the square tiles above on the first page and the horizontal tiles on the more detailed selection.

Ticket Pricing – Incentivize Early Signup, and Encourage Group Signups

The example setup below shows how a ticket can have different pricing applied automatically for different date ranges. This can encourage early signup, which not only help cash flow but also establishes a base of customers who can refer friends (see the referral section below in the Marketing section).

This example also shows how groups of 3 or more get a discount. Again, this encourages friends to sign up, as well as family type of events.

Pricing can also be used to incentivize people to show up at less crowded times. For example, set your weekend tickets at $30 and your weekday tickets at $25. Or the early hours at a lower price than the mid evening hours when most people want to come.


Of course we support coupons, but with advanced features not typical in all ticket paltforms:

  • Import large list of coupons
  • Configure Coupon Pools to easy track usage of certain types of coupons
    • Sponsors, Volunteers, Members
    • Also, share coupons between multiple events – so the same code can work for your Sunflower Days as well as your Jack O Lantern Festival.
  • Set custom coupon rules (expiration date, number of uses)
  • Limit coupons to certain ticket types, store items, etc.
  • Embed coupons in URLs to make it simple to send in an email or display as special pricing on your website.

Ticket Levels

TicketSignup offers the ability to easily have multiple ticket types. We call these Ticket Levels. For example, an Adult ticket and Child ticket with different prices. Each of these levels can also have the pricing flexibility shown above with date ranges and number of tickets.

Or take it the next step, where Ticket Levels can also be used for different dates:

Combo Tickets

Combo tickets can be another fun way to package tickets to appeal to certain audiences. One of the most common is if Adult tickets are purchased, then the Kids tickets are free. Here is an example setup page:

Ticket Groups and Levels

This is one of the areas where our system gets VERY powerful – Ticket Groups. Ticket Groups are what the name implies – a groups of Tickets (Ticket Levels is the name we use to help differentiate the two). A common example is that a Ticket Group is a day, and Ticket Levels are times.

  • Ticket Group 1 is Sept. 1
    • and has 3 Ticket Levels of 7PM, 8PM and 9PM.
  • Ticket Group 2 is Sept. 2
    • and has 3 Ticket Levels of 7PM, 8PM and 9PM.

For this event, each Ticket Group is a different Day:

And once the Ticket Group (Day) is selected, then you pick the Ticket Level. In this example, they use Times for each level, and then also added a VIP Level which gives the ticket purchaser unlimited access at any time:

Ticket Caps

You can also set Ticket Caps in very flexible ways including by Ticket Level (eg. Time), Ticket Group (eg. Day). We make it simple to update the caps in real time in case you have an employee call out sick and you can not handle as many people that day, or the lines seem to be small and you can handle more. You can make these updates in real time from your phone.

We also give you dashboards so you can see where you are at with ticket sales (Maybe this event will set pricing more expensively on Friday and Saturday evening and less on Sunday morning and evening the next time):

2. Built for MultiDay and Timeslots

As you can see from the above, the combination of Ticket Groups and Ticket Levels provides a very good foundation for the typical multi-day and multi-timeslot types of events that farms hold. We have exposed this functionality in many ways including the Ticket Tiles we showed above, as well as with easy to navigate Calendars:

It becomes very simple for your customers to see which dates are available (we also update sold out dates dynamically as well). Once they select a date, they then select the time. We give you options to show the sold out slots or to hide them as they become sold out.

3. Make Rain Days Easy with Free Notifications and Easy Self Serve for Ticket Holders

One of the complications of holding outdoor events is that weather happens! We understand this, and make it very simple for your farm to let people know, and make it easy for them to choose an alternate date.

First, because we provide you with a free website and free email (see below), it is simple to post a message on your website that events on Wednesday are cancelled, and include a link so that people can change their ticket:

In addition, you can send out an email to all ticket purchasers for that day:

And we have custom tags in the email system that allow you to easily embed a custom link for each ticket purchaser to make changes easily:

Our transfer ticket capability is very powerful. You can allow any ticket to be transferred to another time and even charge for it. But if it is a rain out, do not charge for it. You can also allow those people who have been rained out to exceed the cap you have set for other days – especially convenient at the end of the season. Here is the dashboard settings page:

We also anticipate adding the ability to do TXT alerts for rain change dates to your customers around the end of 2022. Again, that will be a free feature to help you keep your customers happy.

4. Free Website, Free Unlimited Email, and other Marketing Tools to Grow Your Event

In addition to helping you optimize your business with pricing and management tools, we also include a full suite of promotional tools to help you grow your event.

Free Website

You can build your own full website. Many customers are choosing to sunset their old websites and switch to save money and be able to manage the content more directly. It is very full featured:

  • Easy to build and customize Automatically mobile-responsive and SEO-optimized 
  • Custom content and branding
  • Beautiful slideshows
  • Embed photos, videos and playlists
  • Create multiple pages and subpages for a professional and comprehensive website
  • Display live data like Donation Goals, Ticket Options, etc.
  • Automated Email Capture integrated with our Free Email
  • BYO domain or subdomain for free
Automated Email capture in Websites

Learn how to build a better ticket website in 30 minutes (or less) from this blog. And follow all of our website updates on our blog here.

Free Email

We are successful when you are successful. That is why we pay for your free email. No limits on contact uploads, no limits on number of sends. Our customers send tens of millions of emails each month – saving money over expensive alternatives like MailChimp and Constant Contact.

TicketSignup Email is designed specifically for ticket events with capabilities like custom tags. We saw an example of those tags in the “Rain” section above where we included a direct link so the ticket purchaser could easily change their ticket dates.

Like Websites, this is a very full featured system with continued improvements and investments from us to make it even better.

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Upload unlimited contacts — with data replacement tags
  • Email automatically created event and donor contact lists
  • Create beautiful emails with our templates and Email Builder
  • Personalize emails with custom data replacement tags
  • Automated emails

Referral Rewards

Reward your customers for promoting your event. The TicketSignup system makes it simple to set up an incentive, like getting their ticket fee back if they get 5 friends to buy tickets. Typically, we see 10-15% of ticket sales coming from friends if the event promotes it well.

All the hard work is taken care of for you – you just set up the parameters and set up the marketing of your program. We do the automated refunding for you when your customers hit their goals and communicate that directly to them.

You can promote this on your website and even recognize top referrers there. You can also use the email marketing system to remind ticket purchasers to share their unique URL link with friends and family.

Social Sharing and Tracking

We also make it simple to set up custom social sharing when people buy tickets for your event with a popup.

We are also fully integrated with Google Analytics, Facebook and TikTok for click tracking and full conversion tracking. This means you can actually see the total transaction $ that is processed based on posts, ads and clicks.

Finally, we provide tracking of custom URL’s that you can create. This allows you to embed the links in partner websites, or custom ad platforms, even Facebook to make sure they are reporting correctly.

5. Store Add-ons and Bundles

We have advanced store capability that is easy to use out of the box and fully integrated with your ticket event.

  • Many display options like image and strike through pricing
  • Easy to buy multiple items, and simple to buy two shirts of different sizes as in the above example
  • Have multiple variants of an item – for example color and size
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Fully Integrated with Checkin App – pick up when checking in, or use the checkin app later – for example entering a different extra cost attraction like the Carny Crypt Experience above
  • Warehouse capability to share store items between multiple ticket events. Convenient for farms with multiple events, but a common farm shirt or hat.
  • In September, 2022 we will introduce Store Bundles so you can sell tickets that are bundled with store items. For example you could sell beer bundled with a ticket, as well as beer with the stand alone store and our Point of Sales system with Square.

6. We collect and pay Sales Tax for you

Sales tax is automatically calculated, collected and remitted to all 44 Marketplace states by our system. We have an advanced system that accurately calculates the tax on each item by type and tax due across 9,000 tax jurisdictions (as an example, did you know that tax is due on tickets sold in Phoenix, AZ to the state, county and city?). This eliminates work and financial risk for farms. And if your state allows tax exemptions for your farm, we handle that as well. All records are kept and you have access to an audit report if your state ever asks you to produce documentation on sales tax payments.

7. Ticket App for CheckIn

Easy to use app available on Android and Apple. It has many features, including:

  • QR Code and Ticket Look-up
  • Send a reminder email leading up to the event with a QR code
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Quickly Check-in Groups
  • Easy Learning Curve — 5 minutes of training
  • Store items and customer questions can be shown in check-in
  • CheckIn Data stats to learn when attendees arrive

8. Ticket App – Point of Sale with Square

The Ticket app has a Point of Sale function if you simply add a Square credit card reader. Key features of the Tickets App with Point of Sale include:

  • Quick, easy buying process gets your attendees through the gate and onto the fun.
  • Ability to designate a device for purchasing, CheckIn, or both
  • Option to Auto-CheckIn on-site purchasers so your stats reflect the true number of attendees
  • Option to accept credit payment or indicate cash payment
  • Basic reporting of tickets sold via Square within your TicketSignup Dashboard

9. Donations

Donations are also built into the Ticket system. While your farm may not be a nonprofit, it can be very beneficial to partner with a nonprofit. They can bring an additional community of awareness to your farm, and it can help your customers feel better about coming to your farm to know that you are helping a nonprofit. Donations can be done in a stand alone manner, or integrated into the purchase path in multiple ways as shown above. In addition, we have the ability to offer a Donation Discount – for example make a $50 donation and get $10 off your ticket price.

10. Integrated Payments and Financial Reporting

Unlike many vendors, we are a Payment Facilitator. This means we have been authorized by the credit card network and major brands like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express to handle payments directly within our system. This means that all financial reports are reconciled – no more having to figure out transactions matching in Stripe or Square and your ticket system. Things like refunds are no longer a headache because we help manage a refund reserve. We also handle fighting and handling all processing for chargebacks. We also make it simple for you to issue refunds to customers for those situations when they need it – and it is all recorded in one place. Finally, we give you a single Payment Account where you can look at consolidated payments across multiple events. Combined with our sales tax system, your accountant will love you, and you will know exactly where your money is and where it came from.


We are the company that helped modernize the endurance community with RunSignup with our focus on technology solutions, and are now focusing on the agritourism space. We think there is a need for a new type of vendor. One who focuses on technology solutions to your real world problems. One who has a business model that benefits when you do well. That is why we are known for unique business and technology approaches like:

  • Your customer data is never sold or shared
  • Your website is your website – we are not advertising other events or ourselves on your ticket website
  • Marketing tools like websites and email are free and unlimited
  • We make over 2,000 updates to our system each year to gradually improve based on real customer feedback
  • We have a nonexclusive contract, which means you can leave us at any time – we don’t want unhappy customers

We look forward to learning about your needs so we can continue to build on top of all of those features discussed above and help your farm run a successful event business.

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