Technology for the Whole Season…

TicketSignup enables ticket sales, sure. But we also offer free technology to help you manage your whole season of tickets from conception to execution.


With flexible ticket options for single or multiple entry, it’s simple for visitors to buy tickets in seconds, whether they are joining alone or bringing the whole family.

Event Website

Use our intuitive Website Builder to create a professional, branded website for your event or attraction. No coding necessary.

Free Email

Upload unlimited custom lists of previous visitors and clearly communicate with ticket purchases via free email that integrates with your ticket data.

Event Day

Streamline your on-site operations with the TicketSignup Tickets App. Sell more tickets with point of sale through square and check in visitors in an instant.

Types of Season and Event Passes

Key Features for Season and Event Passes

Flexible Ticketing Options

Make it easy and intuitive for visitors to select their tickets.

  • Group your ticket options into logical buckets with displays that make complex options look simple
  • Allow for a range of options, from single-entry tickets to multi-entry packages to unlimited season passes.
  • Customize the display of your ticket options to promote your most lucrative packages and draw attention to multi-visit deals.

Free Marketing & Communications Tools

Save money and time with built-in marketing tools.

  • Free and flexible ticketing website that’s dynamic enough to work as your only website or customizable enough to look like an extension of your current site
  • Free email marketing with unlimited contacts and unlimited sends
  • Integrated attendee email platform with data replacement tags that make it easy to customize each email for the specific purchaser
  • Free social sharing tools like a “Share to Text” option, automated referral rewards programs, and more

Opportunities to Upsell

Increase the average spend with upsell opportunities beyond tickets.

  • Sell merch and on-site items like drink tickets within the ticket purchase path to capitalize on the enthusiasm of the moment
  • Bundle merch and other add-on items with tickets to incentivize more spending
  • Provide additional opportunities to upsell merch and add-on items on-site via QR codes
  • Easily manage item fulfillment on-site with the TicketSignup Tickets App

Track Check-Ins (From One to Infinity)

Make it easy to track both individual and multi-use tickets with the TicketSignup Tickets App for CheckIn.

  • Make it easy for purchasers to access their tickets with an easy add to the Apple Wallet
  • Check-in attendees with a quick QR code scan that automatically recognizes how many check-ins the attendee is allowed and updates their total check-ins
  • View check-in data to better understand the usage of your tickets and season passes

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