Event Day Checklist

Your tickets are sold (or some of them), your venue is setup, and it’s time for event day. We have a thorough Event Day Guide to help you prepare, but if you just need a final checklist to ensure you don’t forget key steps, this is for you.

1. Technology Review

Even if you had a good pre-event meeting with your volunteers and staff, make sure you review everyone’s technology settings and have all necessary devices.

  • Ensure an adequate supply of phones or tablets, along with backup charging options.
  • Provide your Point of Sale team with square readers and enable Purchasing in the Tickets App for team members who will be selling on-site.
  • Make sure your signage with QR Codes & Quick Text options are easily visible in the parking areas for attendees who prefer to purchase on their phones as they arrive.
  • Check your presets and configurations for CheckIn on the Tickets App for each person at the gate handling pre-purchased tickets – make sure you have store purchases and/or question responses showing if applicable!
  • Have the Tickets App password accessible on-site for workers who forget it!

2. On-Site Promotion

Event promotion doesn’t stop when the doors open. Sharing the fun of your day is a powerful tool to sell your event next year (or for later days of the event).

  • Have your social media team on-site early getting photo and video coverage as the event begins.
  • Upload event photos to your website as well as social media to encourage people to visit your site and download images of themselves.
  • For fundraising events, include on-site signage with QR codes to encourage additional donations while attendees are in the midst of the event fun!

3. Communications

Prepare your attendees before they get on-site to streamline your day and reduce lines.

  • Update your website with a menu item (and possibly sub-menu items) for event day details, including parking, CheckIn, any on-site sales, what they should bring, and more.
  • Send a pre-event email to attendees with a QR code to speed CheckIn and a link to all your additional event day details.
  • Send a post-event thank you that includes photos from your event and cross-promotes any additional upcoming events.

4. Monitor Event Progress

Watch your stats for a more dynamic event team that can adjust in real-time.

  • Ensure you don’t oversell your capacity with Ticket Caps (or in some cases, cross-ticket caps) that update automatically as you allow purchases via Square.
  • View your CheckIn Stats to evaluate you no-show rates and adjust your caps accordingly, as well as to determine any changes to your CheckIn staffing plan.

5. Review the Day

Take stock, and repeat (but a little better).

  • We know. When it’s all over, you just want to head to bed. But take a few moments to jot down what went well and what needed some tweaks – you’ll thank yourself when you have to do this again, whether that’s tomorrow or next year.

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