Technology for all of Your Dinner Events

Everything you need for your galas, banquets, and balls is included – no subscriptions, no monthly fees, and no long-term contracts.


Make it simple for attendees to buy tickets in seconds with flexible ticket grouping options and an effortless purchase path. Whether on a laptop, phone, or even on-site, we make sure there are no barriers to ticket purchasing.

Event Website

Use our intuitive Website Builder to create a professional, branded website for your dinner. Include details about your dinner event, add an event FAQ, include videos and playlists, and use your event photos to stoke FOMO.

Free Email

Upload unlimited custom email lists and re-engage your supporters year after year with beautifully designed, personalized, and branded emails. It’s more than just emailing attendees: TicketSignup email lets you cross-promote your events across your entire network.

Event Day

Streamline your on-site operations with the TicketSignup Tickets App. Increase revenue, sell more tickets, and upsell additional items with point of sale through Square. Then, check in attendees and add-ons in an instant.

Key Features for Your Dinner Events

Selling Tickets by the Table

TicketSignup has multiple options for collecting table seats and reserving a spot at your dinner party. Utilize the features to best fit your preferred management system.

  • Custom Questions allow you the flexibility to ask what table attendees want, then set a cap for how many people can choose a certain option. Pro Tip: Include a mockup of the table layout so attendees can see where each table is located. If you want to assign tables on-site, you can do this through the TicketSignup Tickets App.
  • Simple Ticket options for a whole table reservation, so one ticket would equal a reservation for 6 people. Clarify in the description how many seats the ticket purchaser is buying.
  • Advanced Tickets allow you to set a multiple ticket requirement, forcing attendees to buy that many tickets at a time. Set this number to match the number of seats at one table.

Information Collection

Collect all the information you need (and none that you don’t).

  • Build your supporter email list by requiring email adresses from each ticket holder.
  • Customize what information you require from the ticket purchaser versus for all tickets bought on behalf of other attendees
  • Use store items to upsell invitees with premium add-ons like additional champagne or valet parking

Integrated Donations

Raise more for your cause with a call to action for donations within the purchase path. Seamlessly connect your charity partner with your event and display incoming donations along with a donation goal thermometer.

  • Customize donation levels to connect dollar amounts to the good they can do
  • Boost donations with a checkbox at checkout for even easier donation decisions
  • Encourage giving by offering ticket discounts to attendees who make significant donations automatically


Sponsors are key for any fundraising dinner event. TicketSignup helps you sell sponsorships, and in turn, promote their business.

  • Sell sponsorships through a Sponsorship ticket group with multiple sponsor levels.
  • Sell sponsorships within your main ticketing event, or separate sponsorships out into their own event.
  • Display your sponsors on your website in a clean look with the “Cards” content block.

Professional Branding Capabilities

Never lose the look and feel of your event. TicketSignup has the tools for you to customize your dinner event’s unique branding to uphold the dazzling atmosphere of your event.

Some of our Favorite Galas and Dinner Event Websites

Additional Features for Dinner Events

Ticket Caps

Have limited seats? Set a cap on how many tickets can be sold, and don’t worry about overbooking.


TicketSignup has built-in raffle capabilities. Set a number of entries per ticket and automatically assign numbers.

Referral Rewards

Turn your attendees into ambassadors. Offer a discount or money back for a number of referrals.

Ticket Numbers

Having an auction? Use ticket numbers to correspond with auction paddles and easily track who the winners are.

Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado

The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado used TicketSignup’s Ticket Event platform alongside Givesignup’s Peer-to-Peer Fundraising platform to support their capital campaign and generate revenue.

  • Raised Money with events

  • Saved Money with free email

  • Saved Time with a central data location

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