2023 TicketSignup Product Recap

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In 2023, we did about 2,000 software releases as we continue to invest in creating the best purpose-built event software that solves events’ problems and helps them sell more tickets. In this 2023 TicketSignup Product Recap blog, we highlight key TicketSignup features that we released in 2023.

New Ticketing Features

Apple Pay and Apple Wallet: Fast and Mobile-First Ticketing

TicketSignup makes it easy for attendees to buy tickets. After introducing fast checkout in 2022, we continued to add more mobile-first features that reduce cart abandonments and make on site purchases easy. With about 78% of traffic and purchases coming from mobile devices, an easy mobile purchase experience is necessary for events. We added a responsive credit card detector for attendees paying with a card. One of our biggest releases in 2023 was Apple Pay. More than 22% of attendees check out using Apple Pay.

We also added Apple Wallet so that attendees can add their tickets to their mobile wallet. This makes check-in even faster!

There’s a variety of ways we’ve added mobile-first features that help sell more tickets. Click-to-text social share is now featured on the ticket purchase confirmation page, as well as an option in all website social media components.

Season and Event Passes

In 2023, we released a complete solution for Season and Event passes. Events can easily set up unlimited or limited use passes and track the uses with TicketSignup’s free mobile Ticket App.

Self-Serve Ticket Management

TicketSignup reduces customer service for events with self-serve ticket management options. We redesigned the self-serve ticket management page to make it even easier for attendees to resend confirmation emails, transfer their tickets, and track their referrals. 

Dashboard Access

In addition to adding other event directors and non-financial access, events can now specify which pages and/or tabs of the ticket event dashboard someone can access. This is very useful for events that want to give limited access to some but not all pages and/or tabs. 

Free Text Messaging

Ticket events can now allow attendees to opt in and receive text messages from the event. This can be useful for emergency situations like cancellations, rain delays, and other important event communications.

More Ticket Reporting Updates

We continued to add more reporting features for events in 2023, including:


There are two new ticket notifications. First, we added a daily ticket sales summary notification. This shows both the day’s sales as well as overall ticket sales. In addition, there is now a notification when an event issues a refund.

Admissions and Amusement Tax

In addition to automated sales tax calculation, collection, and remittance, TicketSignup also added easy-to-use admissions and amusement tax set up and reports. If your event is responsible for admissions or amusement tax, learn more here.

Question Response Limits

Limit the number of times attendees can choose a question response. Question response limits are a perfect lightweight solution for gala seating, section-based seating charts, and other limited options like giveaways, meal orders, and more.

Mobile Ticket App

TicketSignup’s popular and versatile free mobile Ticket App can be used to check-in tickets, fulfill store purchases, collect waivers, and sell tickets via point of sale. Check out our Event Day Guide for a full overview of how to use TicketSignup’s Ticket App and other event day technology. In 2023, we added more features to make the Ticket App even more powerful.

Free Websites

Every event on TicketSignup gets a free and fully customizable website. It’s WordPress/Squarespace but purpose-built for events – and free. Events don’t need to pay for and maintain websites that are separated from their event’s data. Our Website Builder makes it easy to create and edit content at any time – from adding pages & menus to images, slideshows, and dynamic content. This year we invested a lot of development time to add actionable website analytics and even more free website features.


Event directors need to make data-driven decisions about their event’s marketing strategy to boost ticket sales and increase margins. With TicketInsights, TicketSignup delivers actionable website traffic information right on the event dashboard. We track every click, ticket purchase, and transaction on your event website and analyze the sources to show the true ROI of marketing efforts such as Email Marketing, social media posts & ads, and referring websites. 

Custom source tracking codes take TicketInsights to the next level. This enabled events to create custom tracking codes to track ROI for specific links and campaigns, like Google Ads, paid advertising, sponsor promotions, emails sent from external platforms, and more.

In addition to TicketInsights, we continue to offer up-to-date integrations with other popular analytics tools. This year we added Google Analytics 4 tracking capabilities. We also added GA4 multi-event tracking support.

More Free Website Features

We added even more design, customization, and SEO capabilities to free TicketSignup websites this year.

Free Email Marketing

Events sent more than 600 Million emails for free from TicketSignup in 2023. Like TicketSignup free Websites, TicketSignup’s free Email Marketing helps events save a lot of money and time because it’s Mailchimp/Constant Contact – but purpose-built for events and FREE. It’s so good that we even ditched our expensive Email Marketing platform and use our own Email Marketing to send out newsletters to 280,000+ contacts for free – check it out here.

Free Email is one of our most popular and widely used features, and there were many releases to enhance it this year including (but not limited to):

Next-Generation Timed Ticketing & Admissions

Behind the scenes, we made a lot of progress on our next-generation timed ticketing and admissions product. This introduces a patent-pending highly efficient database for generating and editing dates and time slots (and all the associated data like pricing, caps, and rules) with an intuitive and easy-to-use calendar interface.

We have a great timed ticketing solution today that works very well for haunts, holiday lights shows, and other timed entry events. However, there are several reasons why we are investing in a next-generation timed ticketing solution:

  • Provide a calendar-driven interface to easily set up and manage multi-day events and admissions.
  • Offer more flexible purchase path options.
  • Solve more complex event problems.
  • Solve problems for different types of organizations, including year-round tickets for escape rooms and parks, as well as admissions for zoos, gardens, etc., and bookings for tours, marinas, etc.
  • Continue to deliver best-in-class event technology for free.

We will discuss the product plan and public release for our next-generation timed ticketing and admissions in our Product Roadmap blog. However, there were many foundational pieces that we built in 2023 and want to highlight here.

  • Create and edit time slots, with flexible options to edit across dates and ticket levels
  • Set pricing rules for tickets and/or time slots. For example, all General admission tickets are $30 on Friday except for the 8pm – 9pm time slots, which cost $40. Ticket sales close 10 minutes after each time slot begins.
  • Set caps for tickets and/or time slots. For example, there are 200 General and 50 VIP tickets available per time slot on weekdays, and 300 General and 75 VIP tickets available per time slot on weekends.
  • Customize the ticket purchase path, including options for a calendar picker or date tiles and time slot display.
  • Add offline tickets for specific dates & time slots
  • Transfer a ticket purchase to a different date, time slot, and/or ticket type
  • Track ticket sales by date of ticket


While no one ever really notices our infrastructure, we spend a lot of time, effort, and resources to ensure that we have reliable, scalable, secure systems in place. This continuous infrastructure development resulted in:

  • 0 downtime in 2023, with only 4 minutes of downtime since 2015.
  • 2,000 software releases all done between user clicks
  • $470,000,000 transactions processed and paid to customers with 100% accurate, on-time payments

One of our favorite examples of the importance of infrastructure was a large event that sold $1 Million in tickets in under 12 minutes this year! All on our normal infrastructure which can handle ~2,000 transactions per minute (and we can scale much higher).

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